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Anwar Group of Industries has laid the foundation for the nation's industrial revolution since 1834.

Along the way, the group established itself as a pioneering force in Bangladesh's banking, textile, electrical cable, and building materials industries.

Anwar Landmark Limited was established in 2001 as the company's real estate development arm due to our involvement in the production of construction-based building materials such as Anwar Cement, Anwar Ispat, A-1 Polymer, Anwar Galvanizing, Anwar Cement Sheet, etc. Anwar Landmark Limited is an ISO 9001:2008 certified business member of REHAB.

Additionally, we received the Bizz Award in 2019 for Excellence in the Real Estate Industry, the Global Brand Excellence Awards in 2014 for Brand Excellence in Construction and Real Estate, the International Construction Award in 2018 for Eco-Friendly Projects Comprised of Brilliant Architecture & Aesthetics, and the Bangladesh Most Promising Brand Award in real estate sector in 2019.

Our goal at Anwar Landmark is to serve our esteemed clientele with honesty, integrity, and dependability, as the Group's Chairman intended. Anwar Landmark represents skilled architects, engineers, and management staff eager to put in endless effort and use their combined experiences. Anwar Group's financial stability, assets, and unwavering dedication to quality are its greatest assets in its quest to set a new standard in Bangladesh's real estate industry. Infrastructure & Real Estate make up the two main business segments of Anwar Landmark.

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Who We Are

Customer satisfaction and unique needs are of the utmost importance to us. Anwar Landmark upholds ethical business conduct across its internal divisions and teams.

Our employees uphold discipline and adhere to company values with their hearts, which significantly impacts the level of service and commitment we provide to our esteemed clients and customers.

Our human resources are cooperative and united to create a highly qualified cross-functional team.

It fosters a strong sense of professionalism and experienced leadership.

  • We maintain the highest project execution standards, materials, and services.
  • Ensuring there is after-sale maintenance.
  • We properly utilize the Anwar Group's resources and all planning, finance, human resources, and marketing processes.
  • We ensure timely handover, high-quality service, and good construction standards.
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Anwar Landmark Limited works in the real estate industry and beyond to develop a landmark in its field that can serve as a model for others in terms of design, construction, and product quality. The company strives to be a dependable employer that will satisfy all its stakeholders, including customers, investors, stakeholders, and employees.


01 Mission

Our mission is to serve the esteemed clientele with reliability, honesty, and, most importantly, integrity.


02 Vision

Our vision is to construct infrastructure for our nation with zeal and cutting-edge engineering.


03 Values

  • Eco-friendly homes & commercial complexes.
  • Innovative engineering methods of today adhere to standards of excellence.
  • Expedite our commitments and ensure client satisfaction.
  • Teamwork and giving employees power.


04 Philosophy

Anwar Landmark Limited considers customer satisfaction to be a key indicator of success. We firmly believe in honoring our commitments and ensuring that future generations can live comfortably.



Welcome to Anwar Landmark Limited. Consistency can be a significant advantage, especially for a real estate development company whose unwavering focus on client service defines its purpose and determines its course. This very attribute has been our greatest strength.

By building apartments in response to client needs, Anwar Landmark Limited has enjoyed continued growth and shows no signs of slowing down. Its client-oriented operation is also profoundly essential to individuals, private businesses, and multinational corporations alike who entrust to developing their homes.

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Board of Directors

Manwar Hossain

Group Chairman

Hossain Khaled

Managing Director

Hossain Mehmood




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