5 Reasons to Live in Dhanmondi

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Having a home is a basic necessity for every person in the world. Home is where people grow up, build their stories, create happy memories and dream about their future under one roof. However, buying a home is a long-cherished dream of many, but there are important factors that should be kept in mind before buying a home, such as the location of the property, pricing, what amenities the project is offering and the list goes on. Among all these, selecting the perfect location for your dream home is the most important task before even choosing the best real estate developer to go for.
There are many reasons to choose Dhanmondi for your dream home’s location. Here in this article, we are highlighting the top 5 reasons for you.

Benefits of Living in Dhanmondi, Dhaka

Convenient Location

Dhanmondi is the best and the most convenient location to travel to anywhere within the city. Despite being situated on the South-side of the city, it has greater connectivity. If you’re trying to crack the best real estate deal, you can think of Dhanmondi as the prime location of the city to live in.

Easy Medical Service

If you think of Dhanmondi what will come to your mind first? It has plenty or you can say numerous numbers of hospitals and diagnostic centers at different parts of Dhanmondi. If you’re worried about your elders or you have to go for regular checkups or medical therapies then Dhanmondi is the best option for your best real estate deal in Dhaka.

Shopping & Recreation

Everyone is well aware of the recreation and shopping facilities available in Dhanmondi. It has a huge lake that beholds Dhanmondi’s identity. Many other recreational places and activities are also available around the lake, such as boating, street food, jogging facility, and so on. This lake is forever lit with people, their laughs, their stories, and their appearance. Along with that, there are numerous numbers of shopping centers, boutique shops, upscale and pop-up restaurants, fine dining options, general stores, pharmacy stores, mosques- everything you need for your daily life is available in Dhanmondi.

Educational Institute

When you are looking to invest in the best real estate in Dhanmondi, you better know that you are getting plenty of options for your children starting from playschool to university. It has Bangla medium schools, English medium schools, English version schools, renowned coaching centers, examination centers, colleges, universities, and whatnot. Investing in any property in Dhanmondi will at least make you tension free for your child’s schooling and educational stress which every parent is forever worried about. Very few areas have this kind of variety of schooling and educational options.

Home for Every Budget

Dhanmondi has a wide range of options, it has small apartments to the abode for single families, larger apartments, or duplex options for high-end buyers or joint families. If you look around properly, you will find a home within your budget with all the modern facilities or amenities you want. You can compare the prices and options with multiple real estate companies before purchasing your best real estate deal.

Purchasing a home can be overwhelming for a first-time homebuyer. In this article, we have highlighted 5 reasons to think of Dhanmondi as an area for your dream home. As Dhanmondi is considered one of the upscale and serene locations in Dhaka city, there are multiple other reasons associated as well to choose this area for your best real estate purchase. The name Anwar Landmark, is already known to everyone in the nation. It needs no prior introduction to its buyers. Anwar Landmark also offers two picture-perfect projects for urban dwellers, Anwar Landmark Cynthia and Anwar Landmark Lake Serene. Have a look at our projects. All the very best for your purchase!

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