How does Real Estate Sector look in 2021?

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Ever since the inception of this global pandemic, most industries have seen a drastic change, a change that made them think and rethink before taking every step and decision, a change that flipped market operation ups and downs, a change that taught new strategies and technologies to keep businesses afloat. Where we saw few leading real estate’s
struggling, and few boomed at their best due to early adaptation of digital technologies and smart business moves.

As we look into the race of the leading real estate companies of Bangladesh
, there are very few companies among them that stood rock strong in this pandemic with their ethics and promises, and Anwar Landmark is one stupendous name.

More or less, every leading real estate companies of Bangladesh
is doing the same thing, if there was no pandemic. As we speak of our company Anwar Landmark, we believe in our customer’s satisfaction and we work to bring smiles to their faces. We understand their value for their hard-earned life savings, which they invest with us, with a sheer trust that we will deliver their dream home to them with care, love, and innovation nevertheless on time as promised. We work with our uncompromisable ethics, and thus we are standing here as a prominent name in the leading real estate companies of Bangladesh.

After the second wave of COVID-19 hit us by prompting people to save, rather than spend, the entire industry got shaken badly. Despite the unavoidable lockdowns, government regulations, dramatic spike in the number of new Coronavirus cases in Bangladesh, we also thought the demand for residential real estate in Bangladesh might be thrown off track. Due to our previous track records and goodwill, our customers know it very well, we never take our steps backward. Where other leading real estate companies of Bangladesh were solely occupied thinking days and nights about their loss, we were only working to structure out how to complete our projects and keep our employees safe and healthy in this never seen before the global pandemic. We not only ensured our employees’ wellbeing by adapting to the new normal but also, we never compromised on best and on-time project delivery.

After talking about on-time handovers, let’s peek into our strategy to move forward. As current time is teaching us many new adaptations of behaviors, choices, and technologies, we are also learning from these and stepping forward with an ambition to rule the real estate industry as the leading real estate companies of Bangladesh.

If you think of how the real estate industry looks in 2021, we would say nothing changed or very limited changes appeared in customer choices. As the full effect of the pandemic is yet to be properly realized, we believe this change will continue for a few years from now on. And the change is many real estate consumers have, however, opted for more affordable housing options in recent times, with a significant number of them preferring areas where they can be more secluded from the usual hustle and bustle of Dhaka and buy their abode at the most reasonable rate. As customer choices are our orders, therefore we are now tapping into areas where we can give the most competitive price along with the best and most innovative infrastructure.

In place of affordable housing choices, people have been looking for flats on the smaller side — which is also the result of the changing family dynamics of modern times. Overall, we’ve seen the 1,000-1,500 square feet range to be the most desirable property size in this pandemic. Despite the large drops in home sales due to the pandemic, real estate activity is now certainly beginning to improve, and going back to where it was before, potential buyers have already started to increase their housing search and purchase according to their preference, need and financial stability. Buyers’ financial state got disturbed due to this abrupt economic recession and steep job losses.

Many real estate’s cite “good buys available” and low-interest rates as the primary reasons, while one year ago, more households cited “prosperity” and “housing as a good investment” as their customer-attracting motto. This sums up, altogether three main changes in the real estate industry, first project handovers or completing timelines got disrupted due to lockdowns, secondly, customer choices and preferences have shifted to budget-friendly and reasonable projects, and last but not least these two have certainly affected in the marketing policy of the real estate companies.

In this continuous race of becoming the leading real estate companies of Bangladesh , real estate companies must act wisely and adapt accordingly. Adaption is the key to progress in this unpredictable year 2021, thus Anwar Landmark is buckled up to face all the hurdles and challenges and win the race with grace with its customer’s satisfaction.

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