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Every urban living person dream about having their own home, their own address of eternal peace and quietude someday. As Dhaka got busier, colonized and more compact over time, finding a befitting home to move on has become a stout job. In the hustle bustle of Dhaka, it’s very grueling to find a place where you can feel home at the first glance. This busy city and its compact houses are losing its beauty and sobriety by time. And thus, people get dwellings for themselves only to get a permanent shelter for them and their family. Most of the apartments nowadays are only restricted to a concrete robust structure and lacks in the serenity of living. Therefore, here at Anwar Landmark we believe in creating stories for every structure. Our projects reflect our business values and creative thinking behind every small detail.

Anwar Landmark- an amicable name in every corner of the nation. Anwar Landmark has changed the definition of urban living to a new extent in the growing real estate industry of Bangladesh. We are proud to say that we were never an option for our clients rather we were always on top of their priority list and trustworthiness. From early 2001 to recent times, our only ambition has been to provide world class service, dependable & trustworthy in executing projects at the fastest and ensuring post sales service for our client’s ultimate satisfaction.

Name any neck of the city, and we have a ready flat for sale or ongoing project specially customized and designed as per our client’s imagination and need. Dhanmondi, Zigatola, Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara, Bashundhara, Uttara, Saidabad, Gopibag, Mirpur, Shyamoli & Rupnagar Housing any part of the city you name it and we might have an ultimate solution of a ready flat for sale or an ongoing extrapolate only for you. Right now, we have ‘Landmark Farida Retreat’ an ultimate urban functional apartment situated in Bashundhara, and ‘Landmark Angelic’ – an example of living amidst serenity which is situated in Shyamoli. What differentiates a place from staying there and living there is the peaceful environment and the habituation of tranquility. Our flats are not just a rigid structure it’s a result of affection and sincerity of our team. A well adroit and devoted team towards creating dwellings for countless happy faces has come this far and got numerous recognitions both nationwide and worldwide for its relentless efforts and dedication. We do not count those nationwide and worldwide recognitions our achievements, our true achievements are our client’s satisfaction and contentment.

Whenever you see a ready flat for sale advertisement offline or online, many things might strike your mind at first place and put you into a dilemma of what to choose or what not to choose. Many people in this city think of getting their own house of their dreams but get anxious and scared about its long-delayed handover duration, materials used in construction, architecture, post sales ministration from the real estate company. We are aware of this anxiety and tension and we understand your entail very well. Therefore, we assure you with best service and sky-high quality materials, on relief from belated handover as promised before selling a flat, outstanding architecture which will compliment your classic living and most importantly after sales assistance puts an inessential enhancement above all. Hence, cutting the end of the predicament, we ensure you with the pre-eminent from all ministration in ready flat for sale service on your plate with easy documentation and loan aptitude.

Our muscular robust infrastructure compliments our unique reviving full of life architecture which is specially delineated for people of every age group and versatile interest. We have not just created uncountable number of ready flat for sale purpose, but we have specifically kept its functionality and resourcefulness different from every other project and customized as per the requirement of people living in here. Our projects tell a story about its living generations, compliments inheritance and folklore of its dwelling people, and screams out modernism from the core and compacts sangfroid and nature together. Our projects are not only limited to prime locations like Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara, Bashundhara, Uttara we have gone beyond this and left our marks on areas like Zigatola, Saidabad, Gopibag, Shyamoli & Rupnagar Housing and aspire to leave our footprint in every corner of Dhaka and Bangladesh someday.

Our ready flat for sale service offers a perfect assortment of ready to move now opportunity, with no long-delayed waiting for project handover and no scope for inferior service. We understand our client’s starvation of having their own home of their long-cherished imagination and their value for money. Years after years Anwar Landmark has created classic dwellings for people of various profession, various origination and multifaceted imagination with same affection and diligence and made many new addresses of eternal tranquility. That is why our valuable clients have trusted us blindly, generations after generation and they choose us and our ready flats for sale over any other real estate company. We, Anwar Landmark, believe to continue the top-notch service and tell countless stories with our every structure.

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Anwar Landmark is the emblem of trust in Bangladesh's real estate business– catering to lifestyle excellence and creating unique addresses. Our goal is to earn credibility by providing customers, investors, stakeholders, and employees with the utmost service. Thus, excel in the real estate sector which is attributable to the company's ability to comprehend and create extraordinary landmarks.