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Dhaka has often made headlines for being one of the most polluted cities in the world. However, it sounds hopeful to many when they see creation of urban greenspaces is playing a big role in reducing that pollution. Country’s top real estate company like Anwar Landmark Ltd is a renowned name in the field. While building their structures, they ensure the highest level of quality. At the same time, they have wonderful spaces which are going to evoke mindfulness amidst the nature among its dwellers.

Starting from the days of cave-dwellers, men possess a special relationship with mother nature. We are highly grateful to our surrounding nature for all of their bounties. Up until the pandemic happened, people had little caution about the importance of their living environment. The month-long lockdown has helped us contemplate on such forgotten issues. Most of the educated people from the developed and the developing world now understand how immensely important is the air that we breathe in. Since the environment we live in ensures the quality and the quantity of air we inhale, we must make sure it is full of greenery. Because it’s the trees that can ensure the adequate supply of oxygen. This is why the concept of healthy building is getting more and more important.

Anwar Landmark Limited is a decade old award-winning globally trusted real estate company of Bangladesh. Throughout its journey it has never compromised with the quality. The dynamic leadership of Anwar Landmark made sure that the company’s projects are innovative and energy-efficient. The company has also been promoting the concept of urban greenspace by creating those in the housing projects they have been successfully delivering to the customers. The sites of those buildings are chosen in a way that it not only helps to commute to workplaces comfortably but also they are surrounded by parks and lakes. The ready apartments for sale are equipped with gardens and walking zones. At the same time, being surrounded by trees, the abodes always have enough supply of oxygen for its dwellers. These high quality properties are built in a way that enough community spaces with the provision of greenspaces allow mindfulness among those who live in them. The restorative nature of such buildings are important for the overall wellbeing of the investors who spend their valuable amount of money to buy an apartment.

During the pandemic, we see that people with underlying morbidity are suffering the most. Residential greenery can play a huge role in reducing that morbidity. Bangladesh’s leading real estate company Anwar Landmark’s buildings ensure such provisions which prevent air and noise pollution. The ready flats for sale are equipped with enough spaces where community bonding is easy to achieve. Such healthy buildings can help people enjoy physical and mental wellbeing, increase their immunity and help them to live longer.

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