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Due to its convenient location and amenities, Bashundhara is the most desirable neighborhood if you’re seeking apartments for sale in Dhaka. Most parts of Dhaka have too many challenges to be considered good places to live. But, Bashundhara has all the required features to be a perfect residential place. A well-planned residential area ensures its inhabitants a constant state of peace. When people live in Bashundhara R/A, they won’t feel like they’re in a big city but instead in a tranquil oasis. It has adhered to the first rule of urban planning: to place buildings close to natural features by decorating its streets and walkways with various plants and flowers.

Moreover, Bashundhara R/A has successfully provided its residents with a strongly guarded, safe, and secure neighborhood, in contrast to the majority of Dhaka city, which is infamous for security concerns. Likely, Bashundhara R/A is the only residential neighborhood in Dhaka where you can get everything you need in one place, including schools, hospitals, supermarkets, malls, restaurants, amusement parks, and other attractions. This article outlines some of the major ongoing projects for sale in the area and a few upcoming residential projects in this Eden of Dhaka.

Numerous Flats and Apartments for Sale in Bashundhara R/A

Anwar Landmark Salahuddin Garden

Anwar Landmark Salahuddin Garden is an elegant project of Anwar Landmark that exhibits architectural sophistication and an exquisite living ambiance. Salahuddin Garden is located at Isha Avenue, Block J of Bashundhara R/A, and is built on land measuring 10 Katha. This south-facing apartment complex offers all the features required for a perfect abode. The magnificent outlook of the building speaks for the elegance and comfort this apartment complex offers. With numerous 4-bedroom corner apartments for sale, the entire residential complex is a nine-storied building, accommodating 16 flats, measuring 2030 sft., 2044 sft., 2300 sft., and 2,600 sft., along with a penthouse of 3808 sft. in size. In addition, there is a basement for car parking with separate spaces for parking one car of residents of each flat, as well as a ground floor with a grand entrance. The entrance comprises a reflective water body that adds elegance to the splendid structure of the building.

Salahuddin Garden’s most impressive quality is the abundance of open space. Each apartment has 40% open space in the front, usable for landscaping. A touch of nature will revitalize the mind and add aesthetic value to the surroundings. In this regard, Salahuddin Garden has more to offer. This building offers a beautiful rooftop garden and seating arrangements that can serve as a serene escape from all the hustle and bustle of the city. There will be a swimming pool on the ground floor, serving as a place for refreshment for the residents. Apart from these unique features, Salahuddin Garden offers every necessary amenity for a perfect and comfortable lifestyle. 24/7 CCTV surveillance, fire fighting system per authority policy, generator backup, Wi-Fi connectivity, central water purification system, etc. facilities can provide a sense of security, comfort and reliability for the dwellers.

Anwar Landmark Aster

Anwar Landmark Aster can be considered a prime illustration of sophisticated architecture. Named after the Aster flower and with apartments for sale in Bashundhara R/A, this complex radiates beauty, comfort, and tranquility, just like its namesake. The north-facing building is located at Block-D of Bashundhara R/A and is built on 5 Katha land. The entire building consists of eight floors, excluding the ground floor. Each floor accommodates one single-unit apartment. Each apartment is 1953 sft. and has 40% open space in the front, usable for growing greenery. There are also car parking facilities for each unit on the ground floor.

Landmark Aster exhibits a luxuriant green ambience with a marvelous rooftop garden and seating space. Here, the single-unit apartment structure has ensured a serene environment for the dwellers. Besides, the building provides safety and security with 24/7 CCTV surveillance and a fire fighting system per authority policy. A central water purification system in the building ensures pure & safe drinking water, which is a significant concern for the health of the residents. Furthermore, the apartment complex provides Wi-Fi connection and generator backup for the residents’ utmost comfort. These remarkable apartment complexes with such top-notch facilities will be handed over within June 2025 and are still up for grabs.

Anwar Landmark Mecardonia

Anwar Landmark Mecardonia is a residential complex with a sense of luxury, comfort and serenity. The architectural grandeur and exquisite interior design offer a pristine and cozy ambience – desirable for any home. Everyone craves a home where they can find peace and solace, precisely what this apartment complex offers. Built on a land of 5 Katha, this residential complex is located at Block-J of Bashundhara R/A. The building is eight-storied, excluding the ground floor and accommodates eight flats in total. The apartments vary in size and are measured at 1900 sft., 1908 sft., and 2160 sft.. Each flat resident has separate car parking spaces on the ground floor. This north-facing building has a wide range of amenities to offer. With 24/7 CCTV surveillance and a firefighting system, the building ensures complete security for the dwellers. A beautiful rooftop with lush greenery and a seating area, which the building provides, will serve as a place for socializing or just enjoying the pastime in tranquility.

Moreover, each unit is well equipped with all the necessary amenities such as a water purification system, neat sanitary system, Wi-Fi connectivity, generator backup, etc. These impressive apartments with top-tier amenities are still available for buying.

Anwar Landmark Plumeria

Among many impressive residential projects of Anwar Landmark, Anwar Landmark Plumeria stands out in terms of simplicity with a combination of sophistication. This astounding infrastructure brilliantly exemplifies how simplicity can be both elegant and functional. Situated in Block-D of Bashundhara R/A, comprising all south facing apartments for sale, this apartment complex is built on 5 Katha land. The building contains nine floors, including the ground floor, and houses eight flats. The apartments are of three types considering their sizes and are measured at 1885 sft., 1900 sft., and 2,134 sft.. Each floor has a single-unit apartment, which ensures a calm environment for the dwellers. The flats also accommodate 40% of open spaces in the front, usable for various purposes, such as keeping small plants. Each apartment has its parking slot on the ground floor, which is an added convenience thanks to the design. The building also comprises a spacious rooftop with a beautiful garden, and a seating area. Some of the most remarkable amenities are Wi-Fi connectivity, water purification system, fire extinguishing system, CCTV surveillance, generator backup, etc. The estimated timeline for this project handover is by June 2025, and the flats are still available for booking.

Anwar Landmark Nemesia

Anwar Landmark Nemesia is an upcoming residential project of Anwar Landmark Limited in Bashundhara R/A. The project is planned to be constructed at Block D of Bashundhara R/A. The design of the apartment complex can be described in just one phrase: luxurious yet minimalistic. This grand residential complex is designed to be built on 10 Katha land and will face both north and south. The entire building will comprise nine floors, excluding the ground floor and basement. A total of 18 flats, each measuring approximately 2,150 square feet, will be accommodated by the building complex. There will be parking facilities in the basement for the residents’ cars. The most exquisite feature of the building will be the rooftop. As city dwellers are confined within concrete walls most of their days, a rooftop helps them to breathe in the openness for even a brief period. A spacious rooftop with a delightful garden and a large seating area is desirable for any homeowner. It is what Landmark Nemesia will offer to the residents. Moreover, there will be a large swimming pool too. Although the Rajuk approval is pending, preparations have been made to build it.

Anwar Landmark Azalea

Located in the Bashundahara R/A, Anwar Landmark Azalea is an upcoming project by Anwar Landmark Ltd. The project is set to be built at Road 24-25, Block-L in Bashundhara R/A. Simply put, the layout of the apartment building is majestic yet compact. The objective is to construct a vast residential community on 24 Katha, consisting of 60 standard-sized apartments that spare no expense on luxury. This structure’s orientation toward the north, south, and west is a significant design element.

The total number of stories in the building will be 15, excluding the ground floor, basement, and mezzanine. Every apartment is about 1750 to 1850 square feet, making it suitable for small and medium-sized families. Each unit will have high-end fittings and appliances to ensure a comfortable stay. The building will also have a fire alarm system and surveillance cameras to comply with regulations. The building will have a central water purification system to provide the residents with pure drinking water. Moreover, each apartment unit has a designated parking space in the basement below. Luckily, the residents of this building who are badminton fans or whose kids are likely to play the sport will appreciate the building’s convenient proximity to the badminton court in L-block.

Anwar Landmark Lilac

Anwar Landmark Lilac is a planned residential project by Anwar Landmark Ltd. in Bashundahara R/A. The site for the development is Road 13 in Block-K of Bashundhara R/A. This complex is targeted to families of all sizes, as there are two standard apartment sizes to select from (approx. 1,700 sq ft to 2,100 sq ft). A land of 13 Katha will be used for the construction, with entrances facing north, south, and east. The building faces north and south, ensuring that each unit gets enough airflow throughout the day. The building will have 13 floors, excluding the basement and the ground level. Moreover, each floor will have two units, one of each size variety and all 26 units will have similar state-of-the-art facilities.

As an added convenience, there is a garage space for each apartment in the building’s underground parking facility. Unlike most of the surrounding blocks, Block K features a playground. It can be an added advantage for residents of Anwar Landmark Lilac, particularly for the children. This building will benefit its dwellers with its architectural features, designed to lift residents’ spirits.

At a Glance

One of the best places to invest in a property in Bangladesh is Bashundhara R/A. This neighborhood is remarkable in the services it offers to its residents. Investing in a home in this highly sought-after part of Dhaka requires careful consideration of the upcoming and ongoing projects available. Each apartment complex listed in this article is designed to appeal to various demographics, so it can be very convenient to find one that suits your requirements and price range.


1. How much do apartments in Bashundhara R/A typically cost?

Ans. Depending on your budget, Bashundhara R/A has many affordable and luxurious apartment options.

2. Is it worth investing in an ongoing project?

Ans. When investing in a project that is still in progress, the investor may be able to provide input on design details before construction begins.

3. Is Bashundhara considered a safe place to live?

Ans. In Bashundhara, not only do the streets have an elite security force to keep them safe but so do all buildings.

4. How to book an apartment for an upcoming project?

Ans. Once you’ve decided on an apartment from the list, you can get in touch with the real estate company so they can walk you through the rest of the steps in the apartment booking process.

5. How to look for apartments that are ready to move in?

Ans. Typically, the best way to find ready-to-move flats for sale in Dhaka is to keep an eye on classified ads in the newspaper or to ask around for people who might know.

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