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People have different plans when it comes to buying a home or property. Before this global pandemic hit us, investing in properties was completely different and comparatively easier. Considering the current market scenario, investing in an apartment can turn out to be relatively profitable due to the high growth rate of real estate in Bangladesh. However, before you invest try to ensure that securing suitable and low-cost financing becomes the most important thing. In our country, most people plan to buy an apartment in Dhaka using personal savings first, before turning to other financial sources, i.e. Banks or Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFI). However, these financial institutions also offer market-standard facilities for a loan in Bangladesh. If you’re thinking of taking a home loan in Bangladesh here are a few Pro Tips for you that may help you in your hunt for getting the easiest home loan solution in Bangladesh for your dream home.

  • For the home first: Before digging into the home loan solution in Bangladesh, we would suggest looking for the type of home you want first. As buying a home is a long-term investment for both an individual and the family, therefore picking up the type of home depending on the buyer’s choice of area, size of the home, locality and other modern amenities are a first and must thing to consider.
  • Research and re-research: It’s critical for a prospective buyer who wants to take a home loan in Bangladesh to investigate the market’s major lenders and the loan amounts they require. The variable interest rates of each bank or non-bank financial institution should be the first thing that comes to mind when conducting this investigation. The cost of capital is mostly determined by the interest rate. Lenders set interest rates based on several factors, including the amount of the loan, the length of the loan, and the state of the market. First, come up with a feasible loan arrangement with the lowest interest rate achievable. Second, compare your rate to the current market rate to make sure you’re getting the greatest bargain possible. Because interest rates fluctuate over time, it is critical to plan. Also, take note of your financial eligibility and credit history. If you have outstanding loans or poor credit records, you might not be eligible for the requested home loan amount from the desired financial institutions. Therefore, don’t forget to explore all available options prior to coming to a decision.
  • Be aware of the Floating Rate and Fixed Rate: For every individual who is heading for a home loan in Bangladesh must be aware of the difference between floating interest rate and fixed interest rate. Fixed-rate means interest will not change throughout the credit period. The most frequent type of interest rate found in most financial organizations is this one. If your home loan package includes a floating rate, be sure you know what the range is. Also, inquire as to when and how much volatility will occur so that you can plan ahead of time. As a result, don’t just compare interest rates; compare their elasticity as well.
  • Know about your Eligibility: Every financial institution has its own pre-set of requirements, eligibility, and filtration criteria. In most cases, important and global institutions have strict screening procedures in place. Banks accept creditors and disburse loans based on their age, occupation, credit history, solvency, and other factors. Some may ask for a financial guarantee or a cash deposit upfront as security. If they require cash as security, know how much they require and be prepared ahead of time. All of these criteria and document verification processes can be simplified by consulting an agent directly. To ensure a seamless home loan process in Bangladesh transactions, gather and organize the necessary paperwork.
  • About the Advantages: If you borrow money from a lender for a loan in Bangladesh, find out what other services they are willing to supply. Credit transfer, for example, is one of the most desired conditions in the house loan market, where the borrower has the choice to switch to a different financial institution with better loan terms. The market may vary over time, however, if you have a fixed-rate loan and the market interest rate falls, you may wish to switch lenders. It’s also possible for the opposite to occur. A higher interest rate will undoubtedly boost your monthly payments. You may also want a regular statement of the deposit payments made to keep you up to speed on the remaining amount so you can channel your finances appropriately. If you are a first-time apartment buyer, all of these important home loan criteria may prove to be a headache. You can, however, always seek professional assistance. If you decide to go it alone, do your homework and weigh the pros and cons. Why should you settle for anything that prevents you from receiving the best property possible? With these pro tips go and get your best deal for a home loan in Bangladesh.
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