Choosing Between Buying a Flat or Buying a Plot

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Purchasing a flat or plot is a major venture, particularly for any first-time buyer. The financial backers should practice alert while putting their enthusiastic cash in the expectation of a positive future. Person to person it varies depending on various factors.

  • Their environmental factors.
  • Individual inclinations.
  • Discretionary relativity.
  • Financial abilities.
  • Family requirement & comfort.
  • Social status.

Whether you plan to purchase a plot or buy an apartment in Dhaka, both are beneficial if thoroughly viewed as a couple of things before purchasing. The following are the significant parts of flats and plots. Given this, it will be more straightforward for an individual to go with a choice concerning which one to go for, buy an apartment in Dhaka, or an entire plot.

Even though condo culture has outperformed the private market in Dhaka and other significant urban communities in Bangladesh, customers are as yet confused by the speculation differentiations among plots and flats.

Know More Before Investing


While purchasing land, you should design a structure as per a foreordained construction and recruit an engineer or worker for hire to finish it. It involves a ton of work over minor subtleties, as well as dealing with the development, organizing funding, and managing neighborhood specialists and workers for hire.
While you plan to buy an apartment in Dhaka, the developer is in control and gives you ownership once the apartment is done. The decorations should be thought of, as opposed to the actual structure.

Lawful Concerns:

A one of the most striking point of plots is that they may be put inadvertently. To be protected, get a unit in the locality where the builder will deal with everything. Being sure about all the legal concerns adds more value to the financial investment.

Whereas, in most cases, you won’t have to worry about any legal concerns while purchasing a flat. Your trusted developer or real estate company will be your legal savior without any hassle.


Plots and flats have separate tax treatment. The monthly loan payments allow you to save on tax when you take out a house loan to buy a flat or a builder’s floor.

In the case of plots, interest can be deducted only from the time the construction is finished.

Dealing with The Situation:

A flat additionally incorporates fundamental administrations like power reinforcement, water, upkeep, and security, as well as extra conveniences like a clubhouse, pool, gym, etc.
If you choose to purchase a package of land and fabricate a house on it, you will need to make your plans as a whole. Thus, it is a sensible decision to purchase a plot.

Bank Loan:

Getting financial help for the purchase of a plot is way more difficult than buying an apartment in Dhaka since financial institutions avoid lending for the purchase of a plot. It will entirely depend on an individual’s financial ability and stability along with a lot of paper works and long-term installment fees. Mostly urban people who are in private or government jobs or associated with small businesses opt to purchase a flat or a luxury flat as per their financial status.


While getting ownership of an apartment can take months or years, plots are usually ready to go. If you choose a plot in an urban area, you will most likely receive possession of the plot before a flat.


To create a consistent rental gain, you ought to purchase a developed apartment. An apartment might be leased to create cash at whatever point you pick, which is preposterous with plots. Plots don’t pay off until you begin expanding on them.


Purchasing a plot of land permits you to sculpt, shape, and develop a design as indicated by your inclinations and prerequisites. A condo, then again, is a pre-constructed structure, custom-fitted to a particular arrangement of requests. Change to address the issues of every purchaser is quite restricted.

Worth of Perceives:

In the long haul, the plot is a higher priority than the flats. Because of the waning stockpile of room in urban communities nowadays, a plot is anticipated to appreciate essentially when contrasted with a flat.

Standard of Living:

Having a land parcel is an indication of riches. A plot of land has no space limits, hence any design based on it can oblige a colossal number of people, contingent upon the family’s size and needs. Accordingly, having one’s own home can be considered to build one’s degree of residing.

Why Purchase a Flat in Dhaka, not a Plot?

All things considered, the two flats and plots have both pluses and minuses. To gauge the purchasing contrast among plot and flat, everything reduces to individual inclination. With a plot, you’ll be careful in certain choices. Eventually, you’d need to keep up with the development standard.
Flats, then again, are advantageous because everything is accessible and you can begin acquiring them right away.
Living in a flat can bring advantages, for example, better reasonableness, less support, a lot of conveniences, additional security, and more prominent adaptability to bear to live in an area you like. Flats are giving a great many varieties to settle on the ideal decision for your fantasy home and create your address of happiness.

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