Exclusive 1200 SQFT – 1400 SQFT Apartments for Sale in Dhaka

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Dhaka– a city of dreams, trade & glee, which abodes people from every corner of the country. Years after years, as time passed by, accommodating them in this city got even harder. There came a time when the city was getting shorter and out of spaces in aboding them. If we look back, building high raised apartment complexes isn’t a very old concept in our country. It was started by a few dominant real estate companies in the late ’90s in our country and now it’s a very regular thing to see in this city of dreams. But you might find a sheer difference among other high raised apartments and Anwar Landmark’s robust superstructures.

Anwar Landmark- a name in the real estate industry that needs no prior introduction. Anwar Landmark is well known for bringing out the true functionality & serenity from every space. Starting from 1200 Sq. Ft apartments for sale to larger ones, any flat you will see you will find an archetypal example of classic urban living in a nutshell. Usually, this specific category specially serves the purpose of living for small families and on the other hand economically reasonable so that people can afford to get their own house of their eternal dream. We understand their value for their hard-earned money; therefore, we believe in serving our best for every budget. Name any area Gulshan, Banani, Dhanmondi, Uttara, Bashundhara you will get a mesmerizing option within your budget which you can name your home forever.

Areas like Gulshan, Banani, Dhanmondi, Uttara accommodates both small and new families along with large and joint families. Therefore, if you look at our offerings in Dhaka, we have a composed and composite structure especially for peoples of every need and every budget. We offer both larger-than-life duplex or penthouses to compliment higher budget requirements and on the other hand, we offer 1200 Sq. Ft apartments for sale for compact budgets and limited requirements. It’s not that their requirements are limited, but their compromises in amenities remain flexible because of their compact budget. Anwar Landmark understands their value for money, and thus we try to offer more of every space and provide our best in class service to make their urban dreams come true.

1200 Sq. Ft apartments for sale aren’t just a regular apartment, these uphold maximum resourcefulness to its every space. Our well efficient team has designed it utter technically so that its dwellers don’t feel it has lacked in anything. It is not only surrounded by brick-built walls, it has its serene liveliness, urban & versatile architecture, and tranquility to make you feel like your dream home at its first glance. Every apartment includes well-maintained security, resourceful common space, playground for kids, and whatnot. Name it Gulshan, Banani, Dhanmondi, Uttara, Bashundhara, we have covered almost every corner of Dhaka with our own signature apartments and thriving to leave our mark all over Bangladesh in the coming years with our promising upcoming projects.

It might look like a basic 1200 Sq. Ft apartments on advertisements, but it is no less to our delicately composed excellence in a nutshell, with superior expertise and enduring experience in the industry. These apartments include bedrooms with wider wind passage facility, compact yet serene south-facing balcony, mostly joint dining & family living space, and a resourceful kitchen with modern amenities. Along with your 1200 Sq. Ft apartments for sale, you will get a classic urban looking awe-inspiring exterior along with highly maintained security and lift for its dweller’s convenience and comfort.

When it comes to modern amenities, most real estate companies usually choose the risk-free and basic way to go. But for Anwar Landmark, it wasn’t easy to provide versatile amenities in every building. For us, amenities were never restricted to security, lift, rooftop or common area. We went few steps further and provided tranquil greenery on rooftops, interacting common space so that its dwellers can spend quality time together with their beloved ones, resourceful playground for kids so that they get the chance to live their childhood in urban society without lacking in any open space or resource. You name it 1200 Sq. Ft apartments or 3200 Sq. Ft apartments for sale, our offerings were never limited to its project size or budget. We have always offered equal amenities in every structure depending on its requirements and availability of space.

Our utmost priority has always been our client’s satisfaction. Before building any structure, we think of every single requirement of our clients. Starting from the initial sketches to building our robust structures, we ensure to include every modern amenity to complement its dweller’s urban living. Gulshan, Banani, Dhanmondi, Uttara, Bashundhara, any area you name it in Dhaka we have a complete solution accolade your urban living. And one day we dream to leave our signature mark on every corner of Bangladesh and become a well-known real estate company worldwide for its unique design & robust-built serene and versatile structure. We aim to continue building versatile structures beyond everyone’s imagination and move strongly with our rising nation.

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