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We, at Anwar Landmark, create not only houses, but homes for our customers. We understand a house is made of bricks and beams, but a home is always made of hopes and dreams. This is why we value our customer’s long-cherished desire for their own home and in the process we create an address they can feel proud about.

Demand vs Supply

The contrast between extreme interest and the low home loan rates has pushed flat prices in Dhaka to levels that are making it hard to put something aside for a down installment, especially among house buyers. While we are still facing financial challenges ahead due to COVID-19, there is no denying the fact that the country will continue recuperating from this pandemic. An improving economy will keep on propping up the real estate market rivalry, and the flat prices in Dhaka will rise again. Even if the house prices increase; we, at Anwar Landmark, guarantee to provide you with the most reasonable and reliable flat prices in Dhaka even during times when all the other numbers are fluctuating.

The Upward Trend

Even though 2020 was a challenging year for many due to the pandemic, the real estate market experienced city people’s increasing interest in investing in housing properties. The first quarter of 2021 is gone and due to the second wave the market is facing stagnancy and uncertainty. However, we believe new days are ahead which means a rise in the flat prices in Dhaka due to demand-pull inflation is on the horizon. Since the independence, real estate prices have skyrocketed in Dhaka. The land has been, and always will be, the most sought-after type of real estate. In the last 45 years, land prices have increased by almost 100,000%, simultaneously raising flat prices in Dhaka.

From Top to Bottom

In certain situations, a prestigious issue for a business is the asking price. Anwar Landmark claims that there is a limit on how low we can set the asking price, but if we ask for a significantly lower price than our rivals, customers question the house’s quality. At the same time, the number of households owning more than one cars means the rise in the demand for more than one parking space. Anwar Landmark is now adding more basements to its current and upcoming projects to meet consumer needs, adding to the expense.

Know your numbers

Buying an apartment only makes sense when you can cover the additional costs of owning a house. You must pay the closing costs and the down payment before you buy a house. It is seen that many banks receive a 20 percent down payment. But if you have much debt, you should not put your savings for the down payment at all. It will be better to pay off the entire debt first until you get a better financial position for yourself. If there is no debt, you need to work out the buying or renting options in detail.

The Most Reliable option

Considering those factors, if you are looking for someone reliable and reasonable at the same time, make no mistake but choose Anwar Landmark. When it comes to offering the best flat price in Dhaka, we try our best to provide you with our long-term commitment towards your expectation. We have also been recognized as a successful on-time project handover real estate developer. The overall homeownership procedure is just as simple, you better not delay and get yourself satisfied with the most reasonable flat prices in Dhaka that will, of course, serve your purpose very well.

Grow with your own city

While the city’s northern expansion is in its final stage, the eastern expansion is about to begin in full force. As a megacity and overcrowded population, there is a rapid rise in demand for ready-to-sell flats in Dhaka. Are you tired of searching at a convenient place for affordable flat prices in Dhaka? Let Anwar Landmark assist you right away!

Anwar Landmark

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