Things to Know Before Buying Luxury Flats in Dhaka

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The demand for purchasing property to ensure a secure future has increased rapidly due to the real estate industry’s booming growth. The natural desire to build a home has been the driving force behind any property investment decision. Not only the lifetime security of a roof overhead but also the benefits derived from owning a lucrative asset have been notable reasons for property investment. Purchasing a house or apartment is one of life’s momentous choices.

Investing in a home or flat is the most significant decision any person has to make. Sometimes it even takes years to plan, decide and choose to buy your dream home. The process is more tricky and hectic when it comes to buying property in the capital city of the country, Dhaka.

Dhaka is the largest metropolitan of Bangladesh, so there is much to offer potential homeowners. In comparison to other cities in Bangladesh, the city’s amenities for all facets of life, including employment, education, health care, etc., are unquestionably top-notch. Since there are so many flats for sale in Dhaka, many people struggle to find the right one. Hence, finding the perfect flat in Dhaka can feel like a pipe dream for many.

Luxury flats in Dhaka are popular targets for potential real estate investors who want to enjoy life luxuriously. The metropolis offers numerous attractive options for a serene and lavish lifestyle. It makes the process of choosing the perfect flat more difficult. The entire process, from selecting a location to putting your trust in your developer, is uncertain, and buyers’ top priority is to avoid fraud. One can never be too careful when one purchases a property. Before you buy your luxury flat, you need to acknowledge certain things.

This article will guide you through the factors to consider before buying a luxury apartment in Dhaka.

Planning a Budget

The first and foremost step of investment is to have a transparent idea of how much money you are willing to invest. Regarding budgeting, it entails forethought when planning to purchase a home. Planning carefully before spending much of your savings on a permanent residence and all of your assets is essential. To make the right decision, you must acquire knowledge about the ratings of flats in the real estate market.

Firstly, you must decide which features you want to avail of in your dream luxury home. Then you must thoroughly research available ready flats for sale in Dhaka and shortlist them according to your criteria. Finally, make a conscious decision about how much money you are willing to invest in a luxury flat and compare your shortlisted apartments to find the right one for your budget.

Location Selection and Neighborhood Analysis

Location is one of the prime factors to consider while buying a luxury flat in Dhaka. Finding a place with a serene and pleasing environment poses a challenge and provides all the necessary elements for a standard lifestyle in Dhaka. Due to rapid urbanization and migration from other cities in pursuit of work, Dhaka has become a place of chaos. Another huge disadvantage of living in Dhaka is its traffic situation and hectic commuting. Finding a suitable location that provides a tranquil and comfortable environment amidst all the setbacks can be overwhelming. So, researching the appropriate areas in Dhaka that match your specific requirements is necessary beforehand.

Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara, Dhanmondi, Bashundhara, and Uttara are prime locations that offer an enhanced sense of comfortable living space, privacy, and security. Neighborhood analysis comes hand in hand with location selection. A good neighborhood reflects the standard of living and socio-economic status of a particular area—individuals who reside in a community play a significant role in shaping its culture and environment. After selecting your location, you should research the whereabouts of the neighbourhood before making the final decision.

Location Selection and Neighborhood Analysis

Simply put, a “carpet area” is any space you can cover with a carpet, often known as the usable space in your apartment.

The areas covered by walls and total carpet area are combined, known as built-up areas. In contrast, places like the aspects of the walls, foundation pillars, and spaces used outside of your flat are not in a carpet area. Around 60-70% of the total built-up area must be carpet areas according to standard regulations. Before selecting your luxury apartment, you must measure your flat’s total carpet area. The creativity in space management separates a luxury flat from a regular one. Calculating usable space will help you make a conscious and explicit decision about the selection procedure. Anwar Landmark Lake Serene has spacious apartments with 4 bedrooms for sale in Dhanmondi. The carpet area in these apartments is quite enormous.

Structural Features

The structural foundation of a building is a very crucial thing to consider before investing. Since ancient times, the primary purpose of a home was protection against natural disasters. Homes are now built with remarkable disaster-resistant technologies, thanks to the development of science. Many disasters, including earthquakes, can be highly damaging and life-threatening for the dweller of a multi-storied building. But as we already have technologies to withstand such calamities, implementing such technologies is of utmost importance, even on a big scale. A buyer must ensure that the developer has applied earthquake-proof and other disaster-resistant technologies in the foundation of the building before investing.

Exterior Aspects

The exterior façade of a luxurious flat incorporates the combination of aesthetics with natural elements.

While a garden surrounding the building can highlight the beauty of a home effortlessly, aspects of nature will not only elevate the beauty of a home and soothe the mind and soul. The choice of windows and open shutters also contribute to the uplifting of the beauty of a building. Modern architecture represents minimalistic designs with a classic touch to create elegant spaces. A buyer should check these external aspects, including which side the building is facing, the existence of a garden and open areas surrounding the building, color palette, etc., before choosing his dream home. Apartments that meet south get more sunlight, which makes the interior feel cozier. So, find a south-facing apartment in Dhaka and find a comfortable home.

Space Management

The space management of a flat reflects how well-designed it is. Many luxurious flats might not have a large total area, but the architectural direction of usable living space can create a sense of aestheticism and beauty. Wide empty spaces and minimalistic designs are more appealing according to current trends. In the past, incorporating as many elements as possible within an area was the design choice. Luxury flats must serve the purpose of a unique and comfortable lifestyle by accommodating spacious arrangements. As a buyer, you must keep in mind to investigate the space management system of a flat before purchasing.

Light and Ventilation

One of the essential aspects to check before purchasing your luxury home is ensuring enough flow of light and air inside the flat. In the long run, dark and congested spaces with minimal ventilation can affect both body and mind. Usually, people prefer south-faced buildings for the proper ventilation and flow of light. Before purchasing your permanent living place, ensure the home has a sound ventilation system and a sufficient supply of daylight.

Security Features

Dhaka is a thriving metropolis with many attractive aspects, but its high population density makes ‘safety’ a significant concern for its residents. The crime rate can be pretty high in some neighborhoods, so it is essential to look at the security system of a building. A buyer should thoroughly investigate the security and safety of a building and the neighborhood before buying a flat.

Luxurious flats provide a wide range of reliable security services that include 24 hours CCTV surveillance, security guards, keeping records of visitors, informing inhabitants about visitors beforehand, etc. As a buyer, you must check if all these facilities are included in your flat contract and investigate the neighborhood’s security situation before making any final decision. If you’re looking for a secure community to buy a 3-bedroom ready apartment in Uttara, Anwar Landmark Cassia can be a worthwhile investment.


The primary supply of utilities, such as gas, water, electricity, etc., is a must for any standard of lifestyle. Many areas of Dhaka city fail to provide their dwellers with basic utility supplies because of existing issues like overpopulation. There are areas where water or gas supply is limited to a certain period of the day. The insufficiency of electricity is also a significant disadvantage in some areas. As a buyer, you must check the records of utility supplies of the site you are targeting to buy a flat. Bashundhara R/A is well-known for having reliable access to utilities.

For this reason, looking at apartments for sale in Bashundhara R/A may be feasible for you. Any luxury flat must provide the proper utility and backup supplies if a shortage happens. The backup supplies such as generators for electricity, electric water pump, etc. should be mentioned in the contract and checked before making a sealed deal.

Materials and Fittings

No luxurious flat can be completed without installing top-grade fittings and materials. The choice of these should reflect simplicity as well as elegance to create a sophisticated environment. Incorporating luxury brands for materials and fittings can ensure maximum durability and aestheticism. Local brands can also contribute to enhancing the functionality of these things. The legal contract must include the brands and specifications of the materials and fittings provided in a flat, and a buyer should recheck on his own before the deal.

Recreation Facilities

Due to overpopulation, Dhaka has few open spaces for recreational activities such as sports, parks, etc. But luxury apartment complexes provide suitable recreational areas and centres for their inhabitants. Gymnasiums, swimming pools, community centres, playgrounds for children, etc. are the given facilities for leisure by any luxury apartment complex. The neighbourhood provides the facilities of parks and open spaces for sports as well. For a luxury flat, you must make sure to avail such facilities and choose the ones that provide these amenities along with the flat purchase. Considering heaven for your family amid the sweltering heat of the capital city, a duplex flat with a swimming pool may be the perfect solution.

Parking Area

The lack of available room in the overall building layout prevents many developers from including parking spots for residents. Because of this issue, many people have to go through the hassle of parking their cars elsewhere. But most luxurious services provide a few storeyed parking areas for the inhabitants. If you are eager to buy a luxury flat, ensure sufficient parking spaces before signing the contract. Parking may also be an issue for potential buyers of the luxurious commercial property given the enormous volume of consumers and other stakeholders who may frequent the numerous shops, restaurants, and offices.

Land Record

The topography and soil quality of the land where the building is being constructed are essential features to consider. The quality and strength of the building will largely depend on the land it is built on. Although the developers will assure you the quality, you should investigate for yourself too. Buyers should check this land’s previous history and infrastructure projects for assurance. The buyer will have every legal right to learn about this information and avail this right to make a transparent decision.

Reputation of Developer

With the rapid growth of the real estate industry in the last few decades, the number of developers has been mushrooming. Even though the number of developers increased, the trustworthy services for building your home are still numbered. Many buildings in several overcrowded areas of Dhaka are constructed poorly by low-grade developers, and these infrastructures are at high risk. Failing to deliver flats in time by developers is also a common scenario. With this in mind, a buyer must select a dependable and well-respected real estate developer. A good developer will cut half the stress a buyer must endure while purchasing his luxurious dream home.

Legal Documents

Facing legal hurdles while buying a flat in Dhaka is a common scenario. Many buyers go through extensive hassles for legal issues related to the building. Knowledge about essential legal documents is crucial for avoiding any type of fraud.
As a buyer, you must look for the following legal documents.

  1. Title deed: This legal document provides the owner with the exclusive right to use the property, and it is the document that initially states the actual ownership of the property. The right to use, transfer, and sell by the owner- everything is mentioned in this document. A buyer must double-check the documents and review this deed with a lawyer.
  2. Mother deed: This is the first legal document of the property and works as evidence of ownership. By this document, one can trace back previous owners and prevent multiple selling of a flat.
  3. Sale deed: This document is the proof of purchase and states the new owner of the flat. A buyer must acquire a copy of this document and the title deed.
  4. Building approval by RAJUK: A building approval certificate by RAJUK must be obtained before the start of any construction. The buyer must reach out to check if the structure is certified.
  5. RAJUK approved plan: The construction plan of the building has to be approved by RAJUK, and the buyer must investigate if the flat is being constructed according to the approved plan.


The process of buying a luxury flat in Dhaka is a hectic and tricky one. Being the city with the most facilities, Dhaka has been the main target for potential investors to invest in property. Luxurious flats are also dreamed of by many as permanent homes. Buying a luxury flat requires basic knowledge about many aspects to avoid falling victim to fraud and other legal or disputed property issues. It includes knowledge of legal aspects of property buying, checking the structural and functional features, choosing the perfect location and neighborhood, etc. A buyer must be extremely cautious about all these aspects before sealing the deal for their dream property.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why is investigating a neighborhood important before buying a flat?

A friendly neighborhood and its individuals shape the culture and environment of a place. So, it is crucial to investigate what type of neighborhood you will be living in.

2. Where can I find a trustworthy developer for buying a flat?

Anwar Landmark has a glorious history of providing trustworthy and top-notch real estate investment services. Reach out to us for any kind of assistance at any hour of the day!

3. What is the primary legal document to obtain as an owner of the flat?

One should obtain the title deed and sale deed to avail the ownership of a flat.

4. What is the carpet area?

The carpet area indicates the usable space of a flat, excluding the walls and external space.

Is buying a luxury apartment in Dhaka worth it?

Buying a luxury flat in Dhaka is a good investment considering the rapid expansion of the real estate industry. The property will always have a resale value even if you lose its purpose after a certain period.

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