What are The Most Popular Areas to Buy Flat in Dhaka?

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Some parts of Dhaka are more desirable than others if you plan to make it your permanent address. Popularity in a particular place can rise or fall for various reasons. Some regions are more appealing to purchasers due to their higher potential for future value appreciation, better value for money, or superior facilities. Sometimes a place’s popularity is due to the emotional attachment people have to it. That’s why it’s crucial to research the area’s amenities before making a final call. That way, you’ll have a pinpointed location for your search. 

People generally invest their whole lives savings in their dream homes. Even though Dhaka has many popular regions where the affluent are investing in purchasing more and more properties, you must consider your reasons and future benefits before making the deal. 

If you’re looking to buy a flat in Dhaka, this article will discuss some of the most sought-after neighborhoods.

Some of the Most Popular Areas for Purchasing Flats in Dhaka

Among so many different areas, a few stand out from the list for purchasing flats in Dhaka. It can be due to their immense popularity, availability of amenities, the convenience of transportation, prospects, being close to schools, universities, or workplaces, and so on. Let’s discuss some popular areas in Dhaka that you can consider for purchasing flats.

Bashundhara R/A

4 Bedroom Corner Flat Sale in Bashundhara

This area has witnessed immense development since the 1980s. Once regarded as a distant, undervalued place to invest, Bashundhara R/A has become one of Dhaka’s most promising residential areas. Almost all influential and affluent people in Dhaka try to purchase property in this area. It is also a very popular choice for buying flats in Dhaka for numerous reasons. 

The area’s popularity soared as the living standard and security increased all around Bashundhara R/A quite early in the development stage. Furthermore, renowned developer companies set their footprints in the area by showcasing their engineering skills by designing eye-catching buildings that are equipped with modern services. There are also several apartments for sale in Bashundhara R/A. Residents of such flats can enjoy international standard amenities as well as adequate air and light, crucial for a healthy in-house environment. On top of that, residents of this place are usually very close to their workplace, as many renowned offices and businesses operate near Bashundhara R/A. The commute is also quite easy, as the area is only a few minutes drive from Gulshan or Baridhara. The inclusion of Bangladesh’s best private universities and hospitals, such as the North-South University and Evercare hospital, set Bashundhara R/A apart from the rest of the residential areas in Dhaka. 

The popularity of Bashundhara R/A mainly climbed in the last decade when developers decided to build apartment complexes with high-class facilities. It attracted high-society people in Bangladesh, and they started purchasing flats in the area.


4 Bedroom Ready Flat for Sale in Dhanmondi

The name Dhanmondi is highly intertwined with Dhaka’s true identity. Anyone who knows Dhaka must somehow associate its magical brilliance with Dhanmondi’s offerings. This old neighborhood showcases a plethora of opportunities for its dwellers, making it one of the most popular areas for buying flats in Dhaka. 

Dhanmondi, one of Dhaka’s oldest neighborhoods, provides its residents with all the conveniences they may want to enjoy city living to the fullest. Having Sahabagh and Motijheel so close by only adds to the attractiveness of this location. Most of the residents have their personal cars for commuting; however, rickshaws are one of the most convenient and easiest methods of transportation if you are looking to stay within the area. 

One of the best things about Dhanmondi is Dhanmondi Lake. In order to foster multicultural goals, there are a plethora of museums, restaurants, and shopping centers. Dhanmondi has everything you might want, from prestigious hospitals and universities to theaters, malls, and green spaces. As a result, you will not get bored in this area during your free time. You will always have something new to do with your loved ones and enjoy living the best time of your life away from the raucous city noises. The available ready flat for sale in Dhanmondi offers serenity like no other part of the city.

With the advantages of both residential and commercial life, Dhanmondi is a unique neighborhood. For these and other reasons, Dhanmondi is expected to be a hotspot for apartment purchases in Dhaka in the upcoming years.


4-bedroom flats in Uttara

Uttara is a city within a city due to its various self-sufficient qualities. It’s one of the best places to invest in a flat in Dhaka at present. Uttara was conceptualized as a residential neighborhood with a practical division into 14 parts. The Uttara Residential Area 3rd Phase expansion is currently under construction. Uttara has a large supply of unsold land and housing units. Uttara’s convenient location, close to the country’s largest international airport, strong road infrastructure, and availability of amenities make this place one of the most sought-after regions in Dhaka. 

There was a time when people thought Uttara was in a backward location and didn’t want to invest in this area. However, this notion has changed entirely, and almost all affluent people in Dhaka now aim to purchase flats in the area. There are spacious 4-bedroom flats that offer amazing living conditions for people who love to enjoy large spaces.

There are both business and residential buildings in Uttara. Corporate headquarters for Best Air, United Airways, and Regent Airways are all located in Uttara, thanks to the city’s convenient proximity to Shahjalal International Airport. In addition to prominent office towers like the ABC & RAK Tower, Uttara is also home to numerous retail facilities. Furthermore, Uttara is home to almost all of Dhaka’s well-known fashion brands and restaurants, providing residents with a unique way to spend their time in the area. 

Over time, Uttara has also seen the development of five-star hotels, dining options, and community hubs. Uttara has developed into a desirable area to live in, thanks to its infrastructure improvements, like new homes, an airport, and new businesses.


In terms of luring high-rolling investors, the Mohammadpur neighborhood of Dhaka is where it’s at. Bochila, the most promising area of Mohammadpur, is largely responsible for this. The city of Mohammadpur has everything a businessman might want. To the east is Dhanmondi, and to the west is Mirpur, both of which are easily accessible from here. Not only are there plenty of good schools and hospitals, but there are also plenty of other useful establishments. It’s an amazing place to invest in and purchase flats in Dhaka in the upcoming years, as its popularity is only expected to rise. 

Because of this, the number of homes sold in the area has increased recently. The number of new structures in the neighborhood has increased dramatically in recent years. But the total cost was surprisingly low and well within the budgets of the vast majority of consumers. Compared to other affluent neighborhoods of Dhaka, the prices of flats are relatively lower, making it an ideal location for customers looking for something on a budget or wanting to purchase a large apartment without sacrificing other aspects. 

Mohammadpur has distinct apartment types, serving a wide range of customers. Residents have easy access to well-known schools, shopping malls, and recreation zones, which makes it a popular place to buy flats in Dhaka.


Luxurious Duplex Apartment in Gulshan

Dhaka’s diplomatic district, Gulshan, is home to a disproportionately high number of the city’s upper-class citizens. Both business and residential neighborhoods have contributed to this area’s acclaim. Its popularity is due to its exclusivity, as only a few can dare to purchase flats in this area.

The area’s concentration of exclusive private clubs catering to the wealthy is its most striking feature. The city’s most famous people, from actors to influential businessmen, all live in Gulshan. A large number of foreigners also live in this area, whether permanently or while they are visiting the country. From luxurious duplex apartments to large apartment complexes, the area has almost everything according to its residents’ tastes. 

Everything you could possibly want to maintain a life of opulence is available in this area, from posh boutiques to five-star hotels to gourmet restaurants to upscale grocery stores to trendy clubs. 


Luxury Flat with Swimming Pool in Dhaka

It is almost impossible to discuss the most popular areas to buy flats in Dhaka without talking about Banani. Even though the area initially targeted middle-class people of the country, it has transformed itself and made itself highly in demand amongst the affluent. The most striking reason behind Banani’s popularity is its easy access to the workplace. Almost all renowned private offices are located in Banani. As a result, being close to the workplace can save a huge amount of time in Dhaka’s congested traffic conditions. So, more people are looking to buy luxury flats in this area, making flats in this place soar in demand.

This area is home to a large number of high-rise buildings, well-known corporations, and the headquarters of various embassies.

Whether you’re concerned about the school’s resources or the caliber of its instruction, Banani has you covered. An abundance of educational institutions can be found in this region, from elementary schools to four-year colleges and universities, including Northern University and the University of South Asia.


In terms of both land area and population, Mirpur is Dhaka’s most populous neighborhood. Over the years, fast progress has been made in all of the area’s most important industries. Mirpur, a previously underdeveloped area of Dhaka, is now a thriving commercial hub thanks to recent investments in the area’s road network, updated transportation options, and the proliferation of new enterprises. The neighborhood is now 20 times more appealing to buyers and investors as a result of this. Not to mention the newly constructed metro rail, the country’s most talked-about attraction, is inscribed in Mirpur’s heart. Due to the metro rail construction, people can commute easily without worrying about traffic and conduct their business in Mirpur. It has played a significant role in the increase in the popularity of apartments in Mirpur.

The neighborhood is nearly complete in terms of residential infrastructure. Mirpur has public and private administrative centers, medical facilities, and schools that are among the best in the world. However, the availability of both cheap and high-end flats in various price ranges makes Mirpur one of the most sought-after locations to make a real estate investment in Dhaka in the upcoming years. Simply put, the people of Mirpur can satisfy their own desires in the city. The residents can enjoy a touch of luxury in areas such as Mirpur DOHS, where there are beautifully designed neighborhoods, including walking spaces, parks, and lakes. 

Things You Should Consider Before Making the Final Call

It’s really hard to decide where to purchase your dream home in Dhaka, as there are many new and emerging neighborhoods that offer amazing scope. Here is a list of important aspects you should consider before making your final decision:

Economic Freedom

Purchasing a flat is a huge decision, if not the most important financial decision of your lifetime. So, it is very important that you consider your financial aspects before making the final call. Sometimes, people feel pressure from their peers to purchase a flat. But you should always consider your total expenses and make sure you are financially ready to purchase a flat.


Another important thing is your budget. It is not uncommon for people to go overboard on their budget and regret later about their decision. Purchasing a flat comes with a plethora of additional costs; as a result, you must account for everything before deciding which flat you are going to purchase.


You must prioritize the location of your dream home before anything else. A flat in a promising location puts you at an advantage, as its value will rise exponentially in the future. You can also decide to sell and purchase in a new location, or the environment of your neighborhood is highly likely to develop if you purchase in a good location. 

Privacy and Security

Many people feel more secure in their homes if they are located on a higher floor because of how easy it is to get to their building. Apartments on higher floors are safer from burglary, theft, etc. Still, if you’re set on living on the ground level, check that it’s equipped with current security measures like a qualified guard, a smart lock on the main gate, and so on. Before making a financial commitment, you must verify the safety and confidentiality of your land. 


There are many emerging neighborhoods in Dhaka that are currently becoming hotspots for property buyers. However, each area has its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. You must carefully consider whether it perfectly aligns with your demands for your new home or not. But you will not go wrong with any of the popular areas for buying a new flat in Dhaka. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dhanmondi a popular area for purchasing a new flat in Dhaka currently?

Ans: Yes. Dhanomondi is one of the most popular areas for buying a new flat in Dhaka in recent days.

Where do the richest people in Dhaka live?

Ans: Generally, the richest people in Dhaka live in Gulshan, Banani, and Bashundhara R/A area.

Should I purchase a flat in the most popular area in Dhaka?

Ans: Purchasing a flat in the most popular area in Dhaka will definitely put you in an advantageous position. However, you might have to pay extra due to its immense popularity.

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