5 Reasons that Make Bashundhara a Great Destination for your Dream Home

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Owning a home can be considered a fundamental desire for every human being. Everyone, deep down, longs for a home filled with simple joys. While buying your dream home, selecting a location is the first and foremost step. Dhaka is the most sought-after location for potential investors to invest in real estate in Bangladesh. Everyone wants to live in the capital city due to the abundance of high-quality educational, healthcare, recreational, and employment options. Among all the finest areas in Dhaka to buy a home, Bashundhara is, in many ways, one of the most desirable neighborhoods. This article will discuss why Bashundhara is a good place to buy your dream home.

Advantages of Living in Bashundhara

If you’re looking for a place to live in Dhaka, Bashundhara is your best bet because of all the perks it offers over the rest of the city.

Most of the residential areas in Dhaka city do not tick all the boxes required for being called a “residential area.” But Bashundhara has been able to build all the facilities it needs over the years to be thought of as a great place to live. Bashundhara has the upper hand in attracting people who want to invest in real estate for several reasons. Investors can choose from a wide range of flats built in the Bashundhara area. Now, let’s look at the top five reasons to think of Bashundhara as a possible place to set down roots in the long term.

A Better Neighborhood—Clean, Peaceful, and Green

Dhaka is well known as a city full of life and chaos. The busy lifestyle of the dwellers of this city has contributed significantly to the character of Dhaka. Amidst all the chaos and noise, Bashundhara R/A stands out as a peaceful little part of the city. The planning of the entire residential area is so well done that the residents can always enjoy a serene and calm environment.

All the commercial projects are well planned to be located in different blocks of the residential area instead of being built randomly in the middle of residential infrastructure in an unplanned way. Because of the layout, residents no longer have to put up with continual noise; instead, they can enjoy a quiet lifestyle. All the blocks and roads are well organized and kept very clean compared to most parts of the city.

Besides, Bashundhara R/A is much greener than any residential area in Dhaka. Greenery adorns the sides of all roadways, so calming effects are always present. Every building is also designed to have a little space on the front side for a small garden. Most of the new condominium projects here are also being built with interior gardens on the ground floor. Besides, south-facing apartments here enjoy a constant supply of natural ventilation. The roads here are great for a jog or stroll in the morning or evening because they are so quiet. Especially in the more tranquil blocks of the area, locals frequently go for strolls with their families. This is a great alternative to a park, which this residential area lacks. For their peace of mind, most people yearn to live in a calm and serene area, and in this respect, Bashundhara can be considered the ideal choice.

Top-notch Security

Safety is one of the most crucial things to consider while buying your home. A secure neighborhood is every buyer’s first priority. In this regard, Bashundhara R/A can be the perfect choice for buying your home as they offer extra security to ensure the utmost safety of the dwellers. Bashundhara R/A has its own security force, and they are active round the clock. The security force patrols the area 24/7 and has check posts in different locations of the residential area. There are several gates to enter the area. All the gates of Bashundhara are heavily guarded at night, and any vehicle or person entering the area late at night is checked for security purposes. The security force is also rapid in responding. If a resident has a security problem, they can call them, and they will be there in a few minutes.

Moreover, all the apartments for sale in Bashundhara residential area are also guarded and secured under 24/7 CCTV camera surveillance. Some buildings offer extra security by employing more than one guard. Almost every building maintains a safety guideline by keeping records of all the people entering their premises, other than the permanent occupants. Guards usually cross-check with the residents by intercom before letting a guest enter the premise of a building. Therefore, not only are the streets secured by an elite security force, but every building also offers assurances of the utmost safety.

Accessibility to the City and Easy Commuting

Bashundhara residential area’s location has several significant advantages, too, in terms of easy access to the important parts of the city. Diplomatic areas, such as Baridhara, Gulshan, and Banani, are minutes away from Bashundhara. The Kuril flyover has made it hassle-free to commute to other parts of the city like Nikunjo, Dhaka Cantonment, Mirpur, and so on. The only international airport in Dhaka, Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, is just a few miles away from Bashundhara residential area.

The 300 ft road right beside the residential area exit has made commuting effortless and time-saving to several parts of the city, including the airport. In addition, this road is also directed to the highways leading to the outside of the city. The airport is near this area, and the airport train station, which is situated right on the opposite side of the airport, is easily accessible.

However, Bashundhara R/A is a bit far from the city’s other industrial and corporate hubs, such as Motijheel, Tejgaon, etc. Still, transport services, including public and private transport, are the saviors in this case. Several bus stops within the proximity of this neighborhood have made commuting trouble-free. Bashundhara bus stop, Kuril bus stop, Jagannathpur bus stand, Vatara bus stand, etc. bus stops are conveniently located at a manageable distance for the residents to move to any other part of the city. Other than public bus transport services, other means of transport, such as CNGs, rickshaws, Uber car services, etc., are available for commuting.

The corner-of-the-road apartments are convenient because they are nearer the main roadways. Still, rickshaws are always available inside the residential area and are the only way to get from one block to the next besides private cars. Bashundhara has appointed rickshaw services specifically for the residential area. There are rickshaw stands at several checkpoints in the residential area to make commuting easier for its residents.

Countless Amenities

While searching for the dream home, everyone always looks for the facilities offered by a neighborhood to lead a smooth and trouble-free life. There is no doubt that the Bashundhara residential area has much to offer its residents. Bashundhara R/A has put everything within one border, including schools, hospitals, grocery stores, malls, restaurants, entertainment, and recreation. You can quickly go to the local grocers and super shops and vegetable, meat, and fruit markets for necessities. Shops and markets are there for your daily grocery runs. Again, Bashundhara has some of the finest cafes, restaurants, and fast-food joints within the residential area. Coffee shops are popular places for social gatherings (think of Coffee Roasters, Crimson Cup, Awake Coffee Roasters, etc.). Some of the finest restaurants, food courts, and fast food joints, such as Magpie restaurant, Toum, Burger King, Rajbari food court, The Food Halls, Sushi Oki, etc., offer a wide range of cuisines and also serve as places to meet and greet. Fitness centers and gymnasiums, such as Dhali Fitness Center, offer high-quality equipment and swimming facilities to their members.

The largest shopping mall in the country, Jamuna Future Park, is right beside the main gate of Bashundhara R/A. Jamuna Future Park also has an amusement park and shops for all needs, including clothing, skincare, gadgets, electronics, etc. This shopping mall also accommodates a cinema hall called Blockbuster, and the residents can enjoy the latest cinemas or shows with their family and friends once in a while. Healthcare facilities and good educational institutions are also located here within the neighborhood. Residents can find everything they need for a comfortable life right in their neighborhood. Because of this, residents of the city may count on Bashundhara as a reasonable and reliable community.

Prominent Educational Institutions, Hospitals, and Establishments

Many top-ranked educational institutions are located in Bashundhara R/A. The top-tier private universities in the country, including North South University, Independent University of Bangladesh, and American International University of Bangladesh, are situated on the outskirts of this neighborhood. In the residential area, there are several well-known schools, such as Viqarunnisa Noon School, Playpen School, Ebenezer International School, HURDCO International School, Oxford Foundation School, etc., which offer top-notch education to the children of the residents.

Aside from educational facilities, Bashundhara Residential Area also has all the healthcare facilities its residents need. One of the best hospitals in the country, Evercare Hospital Dhaka, is in Bashundhara R/A. It has a wide range of diagnostic and treatment facilities. There are also a lot of other well-equipped diagnostic centers in the area, such as United Hospital Limited, D’Akbar Healthcare Limited, and so on. Another place to get an optical diagnosis and eye treatments is Bashundhara Eye Hospital and Research Center. Besides these hospitals and healthcare centers, many dentists, such as Toothfairy, etc., are also available for oral and dental care.

Along with schools and hospitals, the Bashundhara Residential Area has branches of many major banks and banking services to make life as easy as possible for those who live there. Many well-known banks, such as Eastern Bank Limited, Basic Bank Limited, Bank Asia, etc., have branches in Bashundhara R/A to serve the residents’ banking needs. ATM booths of several banks are also located in the neighborhood to make transactions hassle-free. Moreover, Grameenphone’s headquarter is situated in the residential area along with their customer service center, which serves any urgent telecommunication needs of the dwellers.

As you can see, Bashundhara provides luxury, comfort, and a sense of security, all in one package, for a healthier and smoother lifestyle. If you want your dream home to be located in a serene and green neighborhood with all the amenities for a hassle-free life, Bashundhara could be a perfect choice. Bashundhara Residential Area has several luxurious duplex apartments, villas, plots, etc., for sale. You can contact real estate agencies and choose your perfect home from this wide range of options any day.

At a Glance

Bashundhara is arguably one of the best residential areas for purchasing a home. The amenities this neighborhood provides for its residents are remarkable. Within the neighborhood’s borders, you can find everything you need, including places to learn, get medical care, bank, get your daily needs, have fun, and relax. Also, the whole neighborhood is monitored by security cameras around the clock to ensure the people living there are safe. The greenery and clean roads soothe one’s mind whenever he’s walking down the roads of this residential area. Other parts of the city are easily accessible from here because of the available commute. In simpler terms, Bashundhara offers everything needed to lead a calm, smooth, and peaceful life. These factors make Bashundhara a great destination for purchasing your home.


1. Under which thana does Bashundhara R/A fall?

Bashundhara R/A is under Vatara Thana and is located in the northern part of Dhaka City Corporation.

2. What is the postal code for Bashundhara R/A?

The postal code for Bashundhara R/A is 1229.

3. Is Bashundhara a suitable place to buy a permanent home?

People who live in Bashundhara R/A have access to a wide range of services and amenities. The calm and serene neighborhood gives a sense of security that many residential areas fail to provide. It is arguably one of the finest locations for buying your dream home.

4. How can I buy my dream home in Bashundhara?

The best way to buy a home is to contact and hire a prestigious real estate developer and let them find the best deals for you. With the help of a real estate developer, you can choose your dream home from all the best options.

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