Living in Uttara: Where Convenience Meets Affordability

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People in Dhaka are looking for areas to live in that are somewhat calm and quiet because they are fed up with the city’s excessive traffic, waterlogging, disorder, and environmentally unfavorable surroundings. One of the most sought-after places to live in the city, Uttara Model Town has many of the amenities that city people have been anticipating for some time.

Among the different neighborhoods in Dhaka, Uttara has become one of the most popular and renowned places to live. Uttara is known as the city within a city, as it showcases all the amenities of a self-sustaining neighborhood. Uttara’s popularity is increasing rapidly as more people move to this lucrative region in Dhaka city. 

If you’re looking for a place with everything you need in one convenient location, go no further than Uttara. Here, you can find international schools, five-star hotels, hospitals, restaurants, fitness centers, sports arenas, and fully furnished apartments, among other things. A wide variety of attractive flats in this city are suitable for local as well as foreign residents. If you’re looking for a comfortable lifestyle in Dhaka at a reasonable price, look around Uttara; you may hear why the locals think it’s the nicest neighborhood. 

The History of Uttara

The name Uttara originates from the Bangla word “uttor,” which means north. Quite fittingly, Uttara is located in the northernmost portion of Dhaka city. This area is the only defined suburb in Dhaka, which public officials planned in the 1980s.

Even though the majority of our beloved city was built without any sort of master plan, public town planners hand-picked Uttara and transformed it into the beautiful and functional city that it is today. Uttara’s real estate market has surged over the years thanks to the increasing desire for planned communities, and it remains one of the city’s most desirable locations. Uttara is also one of the best residential places in Dhaka

It took time to build and populate all of Uttara. The first stage saw the creation of Sectors 1 through 10. The second phase of development, including sectors 11–14, was completed within six years of the previous phase’s conclusion. Sectors 15–18 are now under construction as part of Uttara’s third expansion phase.

The city of Uttara is rapidly growing and changing. Inner Uttara consists of the 18 planned sectors, whereas outer Uttara consists of the smaller areas scattered around them. This is because the smaller regions are unplanned developments that are not specified by sectors.

Uttarkhan, Dakshinkhan, Phulbaria, Ranabhola, Dhour, Nolbhog, Pakuria, Diabari, Ashkona, and Abdullahpur are all places that fall under this category. Even so, Uttara is a popular place to acquire an apartment because of how easily it connects to the rest of the city.

Why Should You Choose Uttara as Your Next Destination?

The question comes to mind: what distinct features can Uttara offer that can lure in more and more people from other parts of the town? Uttara has a plethora of opportunities and facilities for its residents. The following list will encompass some of the significant aspects of living in Uttara.

A Commercialized Dream Place

Uttara is conveniently close to the airport, and its proximity suggests that the rest of the city is also convenient due to extensive road networks. People in this area can easily commute to Bashundhara R/A, Gazipur, Savar, and Mirpur. With the onset of Metro Rail, Uttara has become one of the prime locations in Dhaka, as it connects the northernmost part of the city with the southern regions, such as Motijheel. The BRT system plans to establish rigorous road networks for better connectivity between Uttara and Purbachal. On your way to Uttara, you’ll encounter the Rajlaxmi market, where you can stock up on necessities at surprisingly low costs. Big business towers like the RAK tower and the ABC skyscraper may be found by strolling along Jasimuddin Avenue. Uttara also houses the flagship locations of many well-known retailers.

There are numerous reputed financial institutions in the area, including The City Bank, Agrani Bank, NRB Bank, Islami Bank, and many more. Over the past few years, Uttara has developed into a commercial hub, as seen by the presence of numerous reputable businesses. As a result of its comparatively low cost of living, the area is attracting a growing number of startups. If you can’t afford to buy a home in Dhaka, consider renting in Uttara.

Residential Reform

Several reputed builders have already entered into the Uttara housing market. Because of this, the Uttara neighborhood now has a plethora of high-rise apartment buildings with luxurious amenities. A few of the apartments are independent units with their own rooftop gardens and seating arrangements. Apartments with three bedrooms are plentiful and luxurious, making them an excellent option for families. In addition, single-family, two-story, and three-story homes, as well as residences with front yards, can be found there. 4-bed flats are also available for sale in Uttara, an excellent choice for large families or who love spacious spaces. 

Uttara’s spark not only glows for the most affluent but also for the people who are on a budget. The area offers an excellent combination of convenience and affordability. People can opt for larger homes with better facilities for a relatively lower price than other renowned parts of the city. The most amazing thing about living in Uttara is that you won’t have to sacrifice anything to become a member of this elite society, as all other aspects have already developed within the surrounding regions.

The cost of living in Uttara is relatively low compared to other areas of Dhaka. It is particularly true for housing, which tends to be more affordable in Uttara than other parts of the city. It makes Uttara an attractive option for those looking for a high quality of life at an affordable cost. The city also has a well-organized infrastructure, providing basic amenities such as electricity, water, and transportation. This neighborhood is a great place to start a family and make a new home.

An Entertainment Hub

People often disregard the importance of the availability of entertainment or leisure activities in the place where they live. Due to traffic conditions, people generally don’t want to go far away on weekends, as they would rather spend more time at home with their families. So, having entertainment zones close to your abode is a huge advantage that you will get in Uttara if you decide to make it your permanent home.

If you’re a food-lover, looking to host a special occasion, or just a group of friends and family for a nice meal, Uttara has a wide variety of dining options to suit your needs. There is a wide range of restaurants in Uttara, each with its own unique atmosphere and, of course, menu.

Here you will find Chillox, Takeout, and Madchef, three restaurants belonging to the popular chain of the same name. There are several nice places to work in peace, including Trouvaille, Lake Terrace, and Ajo Idea Space. For those with deep pockets, options like Mainland China and The Mesquite Grill await.

Uttara’s coffee shops are great places to unwind in an informal and social setting. After a day of exploring Uttara, you might want to stop by one of these cafes for a caffeine fix. This area is home to well-known cafes like Crimson Cup and George’s Cafe. Coffee businesses like Jerry Bees and Coffee Time have made a name for themselves in the neighborhood.

Most tourists and sightseers flock to Dia Bari while in Uttara. Because of its tranquility and natural beauty, it is one of Dhaka’s most popular recreation areas. Afternoons, especially on weekends, are when most people bring their closest friends and family here to relax and enjoy one another’s company.

There are plenty of places to go for walks, bike rides, or boat rides on the lake, and the surrounding area is pleasant overall. Diabari locals love “Batash Chachar Dhaba” because of its unique name. There are also a lot of other food courts in the area. 

As a result, you will not fall short of entertainment activities in Uttara. From expensive places to cheap roadside exploration, Uttara has it all. 

Inclusion in Education

Whether you’re a parent wanting to buy a home or rent an apartment, being close to good schools is likely one of the most important criteria you’ll consider.

Your time is not wasted in Uttara trying to figure out which institution would be best for your family member. These include both English- and Bangla-medium schools, as well as highly regarded madrashas.

Some of the renowned institutes located in the are Scholastica, Rajuk Uttara Model School, and College, International Turkish Hope School, The Aga Khan, Mastermind, Milestone School and College, Uttara High School, etc. 

Healthcare Facilities

Uttara is home to publicly and privately operated medical facilities, clinics, and testing centers. The Uttara Adhunik Medical College Hospital, the Popular Diagnostic Centre Uttara, and Square Hospitals Limited are just a few of the excellent medical facilities in the area. Small clinics and independent doctors can also be found in the neighborhood.

Having good medical care facilities at your doorstep is a huge advantage, especially if you have elderly family members who require regular medical checkups. Besides its amazing living atmosphere, Uttara’s modern medical infrastructure is a huge bonus.

Tight Security

The police force guards Uttara well, and the APBN headquarters is situated here. They maintain strong security protocols in the area that ensure road safety and house safety. Furthermore, the crime rate is extremely low in this region. It is attributed to the police department’s extraordinary effort and the cautiousness of the residents in Uttara. 

A Place Where Convenience Meets Affordability 

Uttara is truly an amazing neighborhood for accommodation. Various scopes and opportunities make the place stand out from other areas. The most amazing aspect of Uttara is its convenient location and brilliant affordability. Most of the time, people cannot afford to purchase flats in convenient locations due to high prices. However, Uttara is an exception, as the area has several options for customers that offer amazing apartments at a relatively lower price. There are several 3-bed apartments in Uttara, ideal for a small family. Hence, people who cannot spend a fortune can also enjoy a decent and prestigious lifestyle in one of the most promising neighborhoods in Dhaka.


Finally, Uttara is designed for people who want to live comfortably while still being part of a fantastic community. If you wish to stay in Dhaka for a while or just want to spend some time there, Uttara is the best neighborhood to do so. You can make Uttara your next destination for its affordable homes and easy transportation system. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which sector is best in Uttara?

Ans: Sectors 1, 3, and 5 are very popular.

How many sectors are in Uttara?

Ans: There are currently 18 sectors in Uttara.

How many parks and lakes does Uttara have?

Ans: There are eight parks and lakes in Uttara.

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