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Gone are the days when Dhaka was only considered a city to frown upon. There are amazing neighborhoods in the city that offer amazing amenities and ambiance for its dwellers. Moreover, these places are becoming increasingly popular among educated citizens. A safe environment, green landscape, easy commute, variety of housing options, active and social community, low crime rates, friendly and welcoming neighbors, and availability of good schools and hospitals are the most sought-after features in a good residential area. This article will scour the whole map of Dhaka to find the best Residential Places to live in.

The Best Residential Area to Live in Dhaka 

As the capital of the country, Dhaka is considered the best place to live in Bangladesh. It is the city where people learn to dream and make them come true. The city is booming with opportunities and facilities for everyone. However, that does not necessarily mean that it does not have its drawbacks. As a result, one should be careful before finalizing a residential zone to invest in.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best residential places in Dhaka to live in:

Bashundhara R/A – A Haven for City Dwellers


Bashundhara R/A is one of the fastest-growing residential areas in Dhaka City. It has now become the first choice for many high-society individuals. Consisting of a variety of housing options including apartment buildings, small villas, duplex housing, bungalows, and few-storied apartments. 

Scenic View

The residential area is covered with a lush green scenic view. You can almost see trees carefully planted alongside all of the roads. Some enthusiasts have also meticulously planted flowering plants like bougainvillea, an amazing decorative plant, in front of apartment buildings. Strolling through the neighborhood becomes a treat in itself due to such soothing views. 


The area is also connected to the major street networks in Dhaka City. As a result, commuting is something that you never have to worry about. If you want to use your vehicle or take public transport, Bashundhara R/A will never fail to amaze you with how easy it is to travel from here to almost any other part of Dhaka City. Another benefit enjoyed by the inhabitants of this place is easy access to the Purbachal New Town area. It is only a few minute’s drives and you can enjoy the serenity at those horizons.

Hospitals and Schools

One of the best hospitals in Bangladesh, Evercare Hospital Dhaka is situated just beside the residential area. Its addition is a significant relief for the residents of this place as they can be assured of any health-related issues. Residents can quickly get to the hospital without worrying about traffic or any other mishaps. 

As a parent, children’s education sometimes becomes the most important reason for relocation. But you won’t have to worry if you choose Bashundahara R/A as it is near to schools like Viquarunnisa Noon School and College, HURDCO International School, and International School Dhaka. Furthermore, North South University, one of the leading private universities in the country is also situated here. In addition, AIUB and IUB campuses are also in the vicinity. So, all important services will be at your doorsteps.


The Bashundhara R/A is considered a very safe place, as all of the roads are well-lit and there are no dark alleys. Moreover, the place has security guards, always patrolling the streets, ensuring the safety of everyone who is in the zone. The place reports a very low crime rate, compared to many other regions of Dhaka.

Housing and Other Facilities

Bashundhara R/A also houses amazing apartment buildings. Many south-facing apartments ensure you are never deprived of a gentle breeze. Moreover, there are buildings with swimming pool facilities and single-unit apartments for enjoying more freedom. You are guaranteed to find any type of housing that you are intending to invest in.

Uttara – A Vibrant Residential Area


Uttara is one of the first trending residential areas in Dhaka. The place became one of the prime locations for many affluent citizens as it was closer to the national airport. Currently, new governmental megaprojects have made the place busier, but its appeal is only expected to increase in the future.

Scenic View

People are generally looking to live in quieter places, while also not breaking the bank. Uttara is just a place like that which offers value for money in a serene location. The roads are adequately adorned with trees. The whole area is quite big and divided into 18 sectors. Some of the sectors have their parks and there’s a lake called Uttara lake. Overall, the neighborhood offers a great scenic view.


Uttara is away from the heart of Dhaka, situated in the upper northern area. As a result, the transportation system is a bit complicated. However, Uttara residential area is near the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport and the Airport Railway Station. As a result, it is very easy for inhabitants to travel from Dhaka to other parts of the country in a convenient manner. 

Hospitals and Schools

There are many renowned hospitals in Uttara such as Uttara Crescent Clinic Ltd., Uttara Modern Hospital, and Uttara Adhunik Medical College Hospital. There are some diagnostic centers such as Medinova Medical Services. So, you don’t have to worry about healthcare facilities if you live in Uttara Residential area in case of emergencies. 

One of the best colleges in Dhaka, Rajuk Uttara Model College is situated in Uttara. Moreover, there are many top-quality English Medium Schools in Uttara. South Breeze School, SchoolEdge, and Premier School Dhaka are some of the renowned schools in the area. Other renowned institutes like Scholastica, Mastermind, Aga Khan Int. School, Uttara University and Asian University are situated here. 

Housing and Other Facilities

Several esteemed real estate developers have entered the housing market in Uttara. As a result, abundant apartment complexes with extraordinary facilities have emerged in the Uttara residential area. There are single-unit apartments with rooftop gardens and seating areas. There are several exquisite 3-bed ready apartments that are an ideal choice for a family of four. Furthermore, duplexes and triplex houses, houses with front yards can be found in the area. 

There are big shopping malls and a plethora of restaurants available in Uttara. Almost all renowned brands have at least one outlet here. 

Gulshan – A Luxurious Adventure


Gulshan is popular for its high-class and luxurious vibe. The most prosperous citizens have taken Gulshan as their abode. Many foreign industrialists have also made it their first choice. Gulshan reflects the true essence of the posh and fancy lifestyle in Dhaka.

Scenic View

The breathtaking splendor of Gulshan is bound to make anyone dazzled. Its aristocratic view speaks of true urbanized efforts accumulating into a broad spectrum of city dreams. There’s a beautiful lake, called the Gulshan lake, surrounded by a jogging track for fitness enthusiasts. Apart from the greenery, you will be amazed to observe the most sophisticated architectural compositions in the area.


Transportation is carefully planned in the Gulshan Residential Area. It is well covered by many public transport vehicles. You can easily find air-conditioned public transport in the vicinity. A primary bus route connects Badda and Mohakhali. If someone wants to travel around only the Gulshan area, then they can avail the opportunity of traveling through Dhaka Chaka. 

Hospitals and Schools 

All renowned hospitals of the country such as Labaid, United Hospital Limited, and Surecell Medical Center are located in the Gulshan area. In addition to that, there are many diagnostic centers with state-of-the-art technology. As a result, healthcare facilities are well within your reach. 

There are schools such as Chittagong Grammar School Dhaka, International Turkish Hope School, and Green Dale International School in the Gulshan area. So, you won’t have to commute long distances to your child’s school. 


If safety is a major concern to you, then you can undoubtedly choose Gulshan over any other residential area in Bangladesh. As it is the hub for many business organizations and high-profile residences, strong security protocols are thoroughly maintained in the territory. 

Housing and Other Facilities

In terms of residing in Gulshan, you don’t have to worry about a single thing, as you are guaranteed to experience the best amenities available in the country. Gulshan is the most ideal place for homeowners who love spacious living areas. You can get luxurious duplex apartments and penthouses where you can enjoy more freedom and a greater living experience. 

As most of the foreigners who reside in Bangladesh live in the Gulshan area, it has the most number of 5-star hotels in Dhaka namely The Westin, Renaissance, Six Seasons Hotel, etc. You can also find the coziest and posh restaurants in the country that are also experts in culinary delights. 

Baridhara – A Well-Secured Diplomatic Zone


Baridhara is regarded as a beautiful lakeside home offering all the luxury and posh features one can imagine. It’s highly expensive, but you will get your money’s worth without any doubt. 

Scenic View

Baridhara offers a calming and soothing view for its residents. The residential area is well decorated and planned according to the convenience of its inhabitants. Baridhara residential area is located just beside the Gulshan area and offers an exquisite view of the Gulshan-Baridhara Lake. So, you will never feel far away from nature.


Commuting is quite efficient in the area. If you already know how Gulshan’s public transport network works, then you won’t have any trouble finding your way to the Baridhara residential area as these areas are situated side-by-side. It acts as a junction between two other important sites in Dhaka, Gulshan and Bashundhara R/A. Malibagh, Uttara, and Rampura can be accessed through Pragati Sarani Road. 

Hospitals and Schools

As mentioned earlier, you will find easy access to all the important service centers similar to the dwellers of the Gulshan residential area. So, your requirements for good hospitals and schools are taken care of in this neighborhood. 


Because a large portion of Baridhara area is a diplomatic zone, security is top-notch here. The eastern part is purely residential, however, the safety features are well implemented all over the area. As a result, Baridhara’s top security features attract a lot of high-profile citizens in the country. 

Housing and Other Facilities

Baridhara offers a variety of home options, mostly for opulent citizens. The homes are quite costly but you can also get the best amenities offered by any residential area in the country. Baridhara’s well-planned neighborhood reflects the true essence of a residential area.  

You have easy access to the country’s best shopping malls and restaurants in this place. For example, Jamuna Future Park is within proximity. 

Banani – A Place Where Residential Meets The Commercial

Banani: anwar landmark whistling woods

If you hate commuting far away for work, then Banani might be the best residential place that you are looking for. Almost all major corporate offices are in the locality.

Scenic View

Similar to any other residential area, Banani excels at presenting an amazing scenic view. It’s hard to find a more beautiful and clean place in Dhaka. There are touches of green in almost all parts of the residential area, uplifting the mood of the dwellers. 


Commuting is quite easy in the area. However, due to the abundance of corporate offices, Banani suffers from traffic. In peak times, the roads become quite packed and it might take a lot of time to get out of the area. Then again, if your office is in Banani or Gulshan, then you won’t have to worry about beating the traffic as it will be almost a walking distance from your home.

Hospitals and Schools

Even though there are no renowned hospitals in the zone, you get access to Banani Clinic and Praava Health diagnostic centers. However, good hospitals are accessible in nearby areas. 

Banani shelters numerous prestigious educational institutes. Banani Bidyaniketan School and College, the University of South Asia, and Northern University are some of them. 

Housing and Other Facilities

Banani boasts a variety of housing options for people who are interested to change their abode and move here. The elite people love to live here as it offers them cutting-edge amenities and an easy commute to their workplace. Whether you are looking for luxury flats with a swimming pool or high-rise apartments that enjoy the cool breeze from the south, Banani residential area has you covered. 

Dhanmondi – An Esteemed Zone for the Elite

Dhanmondi: anwar landmark-lake-sereneDhanmondi is the first proper residential area established in the country, boasting its amazing lake view and offering serenity for the people of Dhaka. However, with time, Dhanmondi is not only occupied by the most elite and rich but rather upper-middle-class citizens have also gained access to this amazing residential area.

Scenic View

Dhanmondi is the best place to live if you consider scenic views the most important attribute that should be incorporated in your home. The whole residential area is built surrounding a large lake, parks, and trees. So, even if you are exhausted from all the din and bustle of the city, a long evening walk around the lake is bound to revitalize your vigor. 


Having a personal car is a big advantage if you plan to live here. However, there’s ample opportunity to use public transport for commuting. You can virtually travel anywhere given the number of public buses and rickshaws available in the area. However, it can cause heavy traffic during peak hours. 

The Mirpur road and Sat Masjid Road directly connect Dhanmondi with Lalmatia, Mohammadpur, Shyamoli, Mirpur, New Market, and other significant areas. 

Hospitals and Schools

Dhanmondi is arguably the best liveable area in Dhaka, due to the availability of top-notch healthcare and school facilities. There are over 30 dental clinics and well-renowned hospitals such as Labaid Specialized Hospital, Medinova, Ibn Sina Hospital, Bangladesh Eye Hospital, and Bangladesh Medical College within the territory. As a result, healthcare facilities are well within your reach in case there’s an emergency or regular checkups is a priority. 

The area has prestigious English Medium Schools such as Scholastica, MasterMind, ESS, Oxford International, and many more. In addition to that, Dhaka College and Bir Shreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College, City College, ULAB, and Stamford University are present in nearby places of Dhanmondi Residential Area. 

Housing and Other Facilities

The Dhanmondi area has a variety of housing options. If you want a duplex home with a front yard or an apartment in a high-rise building, Dhanmondi has got you covered. Even though the area is almost at its capacity, there are still high quality 4 bedroom flats available for people who are seeking to move here. 

Dhanmondi is considered an iconic area in Dhaka. There’s a copious amount of activities to do here. If you want to have a quite romantic walk with your loved one, play with your kids, dine in a fancy restaurant with your family, or go on a street food venture with your friends, Dhanmondi will never cease to amaze you.

Shyamoli – A Heritage of Dhaka

Shyamoli: anwar landmark hossain housingShyamoli is one of the oldest neighborhoods of Dhaka. Hence, numerous people are living in this area for a long time. Even though some parts of this residential area speak of the past, a majority has harmonized with the developing aspect of Dhaka’s future.

Scenic View

Due to massive urbanization, the zone has lost its unique touch with nature as it previously had. However, people can easily enjoy a great evening walk in Shyamoli park, still adorned with large trees, playing equipment for children, and a long stretch of plain grass also ideal for arranging small picnics. Furthermore, there’s a Shyamoli Club Field and Playground of Badshah Faisal Institute. Besides, The Chandrima Udyan is also not far away from the area.


Shyamoli’s advantages heavily rely on its easy mode of transportation, almost anywhere in Dhaka. Public transports are accessible from the main roads and there’s no shortage of rickshaws in the residential parts of this area. The Mirpur road connects the Shyamoli residential area and it can be used to access all other zones through the main road. 

Traveling outside of Dhaka is also quite easy if you live in Shyamoli, as Kallyanpur and Gabtoli are only a few minutes drive away. Several renowned passenger bus services such as Desh Travels, National Travels, and Shyamoli NR Travels are in nearby Shyamoli. As a result, transportation is quite easy, especially if you need to frequently travel outside of Dhaka. 

Hospitals and Schools

Shyamoli houses some of the best governmental hospitals, such as Shishu Hospital, Pongu Hospital, National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, Ibn Sina Medical College Hospital, Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College and Hospital, Dhaka Trauma Center, and many more. 

In terms of school, Shyamoli has a few very good ones, especially for preschool and children. You can find Sunnydale School, Pedagogy school, and some others. One of the best colleges in Dhaka, Dhaka Residential Model College is situated just beside Shyamoli. As a result, your children’s education is taken care of if you decide to live in this neighborhood. 

Housing and Other Facilities

Real estate companies have penetrated Shyamoli’s housing market due to its enormous potential. New modern and aesthetically pleasing apartment complexes are being built in this area. There are some notable 3 or 4-bedroom condominium apartments in Shyamoli, which have become a subject of high interest among many wealthy citizens of Dhaka. The facilities are top-notch and up to the international standard in such condominium projects.

There are some points of interest such as the Shishu Mela and Liberation War Museum in the Shyamoli area. The Shishu Mela is an amazing place for children to enjoy themselves, a rarity in many other parts of Dhaka. 

One of the most amazing benefits of living in Shyamoli is that there’s an abundance of food courts in the place. Shyamoli Square is a nice place for exploring different cuisines and for shopping as well. There’s also a renowned cinema hall, The Shyamoli Cinema Hall, one of the prime destinations for film lovers.   


Dhaka might be overcrowded, and suffering from traffic and pollution, but there are some beautiful and serene residential areas where people live in harmony and peace. No matter which part you finally decide to make your new home from the above list, you won’t be making any mistakes. Make sure it aligns with your views and expectations, thus, making you and your family content. Dhaka welcomes everyone with a warm embrace and makes everyone feel at their best.


Which is the best residential place in Dhaka?

Ans: The answer depends on what you want from the place you plan to make your abode. So, it can be subjective.

Where do the richest people in Dhaka live?

Ans: Generally, the affluent prefer to live in Gulshan, Baridhara, Banani, and Uttara.

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