What are Some Common Mistakes Made by New Homeowners in Dhaka?

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Investing your life savings to purchase a new home is one of your most crucial decisions. Hence, you must be extra cautious about not making any severe mistakes before purchasing a new home. Like any other responsibilities, there’s a learning curve to becoming a responsible homeowner in Dhaka. The reality is quite different, even if you think your responsibilities ended after making the final purchasing decision. As a homeowner in Dhaka, you will constantly be tackling challenging situations throughout the course of time. 

New homeowners in Dhaka make frequent mistakes that might take a lot of work to repair afterward. After you finish the legal procedures of purchasing a new home, the main task of designing or decorating begins. You must make careful decisions as it will ensure what kind of vibe it sets in your home. By being cautious and careful, homeowners can avoid making such mistakes and live peacefully. If you are aware of these mistakes, you can save yourself from wasting a lot of time and money. 

Why Do Homeowners Make Mistakes?

New homeowners in Dhaka make some typical mistakes after purchasing new homes. Compared to any other responsibility, owning a new home is a new kind of responsibility. From choosing paint colors, making renovation decisions, purchasing appliances, and selecting furniture, homeowners are highly likely to make mistakes regarding such decisions. 

The main reason behind making such mistakes is the need for more experience dealing with new situations. However, if homeowners seek professional advice on their choices, then it becomes quite easy for them to make informed purchasing decisions that will help them in the long run. Luxury flats in Dhaka are well-equipped with modern amenities, and you can hardly go wrong with such apartments as these are meticulously built. Furthermore, new homeowners are less like to make common mistakes if they live in the best residential places in Dhaka.

Frequent Mistakes Made by New Homeowners in Dhaka

Among the most common mistakes, new homeowners in Dhaka are most likely to make the following mistakes: 

Painting Decisions


Painting your house’s interiors can completely change the look of your house. You must invest considerable time thinking about what color to apply to your walls. You can start by answering easy questions like how long you intend to live there. If you love some wild color pallets on your walls, then think carefully before applying them if you plan to rent them or sell them afterward, as they might not suit the taste of the mass people. 

The variety of paint in the market is astonishing and bound to confuse you. However, it is always the best decision to opt for high-quality paint, even if it costs a bit more than regular ones, as it will serve you years without losing its texture and quality. With cheap paints, wear and tear issues are more likely to happen. 

Try Out Samples

To avoid mistakes, you can test colors before committing to one. It is recommended to purchase sample colors first and apply them to your walls. You can get a better visual idea of whether it suits your taste. 

Consider All of Your Rooms

Many people make the mistake of not considering the whole ambiance of the house before painting a single room. It can severely affect the ambiance inside your new home in Dhaka. For example, if you paint everything with majestic white and color your kitchen dark green, then it might create a vibe that the kitchen does not belong to your house. A mutual flow of colors must exist from one part of your house to another. As a result, picking colors from a single shade is always better than choosing pallets from drastically different ones.

Ambiance and Purpose

Many people randomly pick colors for their walls without considering the ambiance and purpose of their new abode. For example, it would not be the best match if your new home is beside a serene lake and you choose colors that reflect urban vibes. On the other hand, if you let the calmness of the lake flow through your walls by picking colors that resemble the lake, then it might create a wonderful ambiance inside your home. Moreover, your purpose is also vital as it might influence color choices. 

Sunlight and its Impact

If you have large windows in your home and open spaces outside, you can naturally get a lot of sunlight. Sunlight can nicely reflect on your walls and set a calming mood. For example, you can choose a slightly darker shade that can absorb the natural light by the right amount to create a calming mood. On the other hand, a light shade can reflect the sunlight and create strain on your eyes. 

If you don’t have enough natural light coming to your rooms, select the colors that will look great under artificial light sources.

Floor Plan


Even though the floor plan is already made by your real estate developer, you have the right to tweak and alter certain aspects of the floor plan according to your needs. For example, you can select tiles, where to put windows, dimensions of certain rooms or washrooms, etc. Many new homeowners in Dhaka don’t think much about the tiles on their floors when purchasing a new home. But it can rightly set the value and increase the luxurious nature of your home if you pick suitable tiles. 

Picking relatively cheaper tiles can save you a lot of costs but can also create a lot of headaches in the future as they will be stained quite easily or even break or crack. Hence, it’s wiser to pick robust tiles that guarantee to serve you for years to come without fading.

Another factor that many should consider is the effect of different weather. In the summertime, it gets quite hot in Dhaka. On the contrary, it also gets relatively colder in the winter season. Cheap tiles remain colder for much longer in the winter, making you uncomfortable walking barefoot. As it is the most common part of your that you come in physical contact with most often, you should choose the best one.

Electric System Installation


Urban life is incomplete without modern electric appliances. From air conditioners to charging our phones wirelessly, we need an intricate electrical wiring system all over our house to find the sweet spot. Several home appliances have become a significant part of our daily life and must be supplied with adequate voltage and ampere.

Numerous homeowners make the mistake of thinking that they will adjust electrical lines after finishing building the apartment. However, investing in an electrical system after the apartment is ready is usually a bad idea. If you plan where you need specific ports or electrical outlets, then you can ask your contractor to set up the wiring inside the walls. Hence, the overall standard of the house will be maintained as wires won’t be visible outside. Furthermore, if you want a specific port beside your bed to charge your phone or laptop, make sure you let your contractor know beforehand.

If you plan to install fire alarms or other electrical appliances, it’s best to do it before the home is completely ready.

Plumbing System

Plumbing System

Plumbing is the most essential system installed in your home as it carries water throughout your new home. Any malfunction can cost a huge amount of money and time to repair, as most plumbing pipes are installed within the walls. Furthermore, poor joints and cracks in poor-quality pipes can cause water to leak and seep through your walls. It can damage the walls severely and ruin your paintwork and other appliances.

Many new homeowners ignore the quality of pipes and plumbing equipment. They get convinced by the outer look, which is certainly not enough. Prospective homeowners in Dhaka should enquire about the quality of materials used in the plumbing systems adequately.

The Exterior of Your Home


Sometimes new homeowners get so involved with the interior aspect of their new homes that they completely forget about the exterior party of their home. It is the first thing people notice, gives an idea about you and your taste, and sets off the mood. As a result, you should consider the portion out of your carpet area.

The walls in front of your apartment’s main gate are also quite important. New homeowners ignore this portion, but you can ask your contractor to change the look of the exterior walls to match your vision and taste. Furthermore, modern houses come with small balconies. Sometimes enjoying a cup of coffee sitting on the balcony after a hectic day removes your tiredness. But a very congested balcony might make you feel obstructed. Hence, you can ask your contractor to alter the dimensions of your balcony and make it a bit larger if you think it is appropriate. Additionally, you can decorate your balcony uniquely by installing a swing or making it spacious for an easy chair.

Spacious Kitchen

Spacious Kitchen

Even though the kitchen was a neglected aspect of a house previously, more and more people realize that a spacious and well-equipped kitchen in a home can make the experience of living far better than a house that consists of a small and underequipped kitchen. You must consult with your contractor before purchasing a new home in Dhaka and ensure the kitchen standard is up to the mark. Your kitchen’s environment is directly connected to the quality and safety of your food consumption. An ample space must be provided to cook safely and maintain proper hygiene throughout the place. 

New homeowners ignore the importance of installing cabinets in the kitchen, which can save up a lot of space and provide you with an ordered manner of placing cooking utensils. The burner or the gas stove should also be placed in an open place. Keep a first-aid kit or safety devices close to your kitchen in emergencies.

Making Home Improvements Too Early

Making Home Improvements Too Early

Many new homeowners in Dhaka start making improvements to their new homes as soon as they move in. Understandably, you want to ensure your new home is according to your dream and vision, but it is recommended to take some time and hold off. Whatever you envisioned for your house is likely to change, provided you live long enough in the house. You can start small by adjusting little by little and testing out your ideas before committing to them fully.

Once you have lived in your new home for at least a few months, you can understand better what to implement. You will have a broader sense of your home and make good decisions. 

Assuming Everyone Wants What You Want

Assuming Everyone Wants What You Want

Unless you plan to live alone in your new home, you are likely moving in with your family. It’s natural to have different opinions about the new house. Hence, discussing with your family members and making informed decisions based on their requirements and suggestions is advisable. Design language, lights, where you put the TV or the airconditioner, set the dining table or the sofa in your living room, every decision can amount to something greater. As a result, it’s a good idea to discuss and work accordingly. 

Not Setting a Budget

Not Setting a Budget

New homeowners often need to pay more attention to the importance of setting a budget while purchasing a new home. It’s easy to get carried away when spending on such massive aspects. Buying your New Home in Dhaka is extremely expensive but setting a budget is highly important as it will give you proper maintenance and vision about what you want to acquire afterward. Practically, there is no limit to what you can do in your home. Having a budget will allow you to make appropriate decisions.

Hiring an Inexperienced Designer

Hiring an Inexperienced Designer

Sometimes new homeowners spend so much on purchasing and legalizing their new home they don’t budget for a decent designer. In some cases, homeowners don’t hire any designer at all. It is natural not to have an expert opinion on every aspect of your new home. Hiring an expert designer can help you to expedite the process, and they can help to make your vision come into reality. However, hiring an inexperienced designer can significantly hamper your project’s outcome.


Before purchasing a home, prospective purchasers should conduct a thorough study to determine the actual costs involved. After investing in a home, individuals should take care to avoid common mistakes new homeowners make in Dhaka.

After the sale is finalized, the homeowner is responsible for all aspects of the home’s design and construction. Confronting a plethora of critical choices all at once is always challenging. The homeowner should therefore take the necessary precautions and proceed with the project methodically. The homeowner must seriously consider the preferences of each family member and potential outcomes when making any design or aesthetic decisions, from the layout to the choice of the wall color. Only then will the homeowner be able to avoid the typical mistakes new homeowners encounter in Dhaka.


What is the most common mistake made by new homeowners in Dhaka?

Ans: New homeowners in Dhaka usually give less importance to the design aspects of the house, which is critically important.

How much renovation or change can I do to my new home after it is completed?

Ans: You can renovate or change your house as per instructions provided by the RAJUK corporation and without disturbing the core foundation of your home.

How can I select the best color for my walls?

Ans: You can pick the best color for your walls by consulting with your designer and by figuring out what suits you best according to your taste and the ambiance of the house.

Should I have large windows in my new home?

Ans: It comes down to your preference, but large windows can let through a lot of sunlight inside the house, which is suitable for the ambiance.

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